Read to ME

Read to ME focuses on enhancing the reading skills of preschool children, specifically those who come from disadvantaged situations.

The program provides one-on-one reading and tutoring for children attending the Early Learning Program at the E. L. Wiegand Boys and Girls Club Youth Center.  Books are purchased and donated for the children to take home each month.

Understanding the importance of developing reading skills, the Read to ME program strives to cultivate strong and confident children with a reading proficiency that will continue to benefit them throughout their learning process.  Member volunteers work directly with the child, using a variety of techniques to improve educational outcomes.

According to the Read to ME Chair, “The single most significant factor influencing a child’s early educational success is an introduction to books and being read to prior to beginning school.”

In FYE 2017, 20 members participated in the Read to ME program, volunteering 30-40 hours per month.  In addition to reading one-on-one,  volunteers have distributed over 2,300 donated and purchased books for children to take home and keep for their own library.