Students in Transition

The program offers funding for academic fees and other needed services to homeless high school students in jeopardy of not graduating.
Scholarships are offered for workplace certification programs to select graduates.

Students in Transition has a direct relationship with Washoe County School District’s (WCSD) Children in Transition (CIT) program, to provide support to homeless children in Washoe County who qualify under the WCSD CIT program. The program provides funding to homeless high school students, in jeopardy of not graduating, for academic fees and other requirements.  Also available to these students is a shopping experience for professional clothing.

In FYE 2021-2022, over 200 transitional students from WCSD high schools received services.  Students received scholarships to further their education and/or training to pursue a career path.  The program also supplied clothing, school supplies, grooming kits, academic fees and caps and gowns.