Operation School Bell®

The organization continues to grow and has made inroads in meeting the needs of nearly 9,000 children living in poverty in Southern Utah. The county school district notes that nearly 1,000 of the 31,000 students registered to attend school in 2016 were homeless and in desperate need of basic clothing and supplies. These children and others living in low-income households are the target population for Operation School Bell.

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Low income school-aged children receive new clothes, shoes, hand-knitted hats, and hygiene supplies. When a child’s basic needs are met, they can focus on their education and have a better opportunity to break the cycle of poverty. Last fiscal year, 722 children from 24 schools ranging across the county from Enterprise to Hildale and Colorado City received new school clothing, shoes and supplies.

Thanks again to all the members of Assistance League in the St George area and to all those who are willing to generously donate their monetary support. On behalf of the Washington County School District administration, school personnel, students, and parents, we appreciate all you do to make our students’ lives better!!

Support Services Coordinator at Washington County School District


Operation School Bell focuses on enhancing literacy opportunities for children in need:

  • Materials for summer reading and preschool literacy programs for 580 students;
  • 900 children heard a Dr. Seuss story read to them by our volunteers for Read Across America;
  • 150 preschoolers received three books and heard the book read to them by our volunteers;
  • 504 books to Dual Language Immersion students learning Chinese and Spanish at 2 schools.

In addition, Adopt a School made an impact with robotics equipment for summer camps.

We are so grateful to the Assistance League for the amazing preschool reading program we were privileged to participate in! We all loved having grandmas and grandpas come into our classroom to read with us. Thank you from the bottom of our preschool hearts!

Red Mountain School Teacher

Community Outreach

Provides a flexible, rapid-response strategy by which Assistance League of Southern Utah can respond to specific community needs.

I have heard from many students that they say they feel like “a normal kid”. One student kept the price tags and taped them to his bedroom wall, saying, “I’ve never had something with a price tag before! I got to take off my very own price tags.”

School Counselor