Teacher Grants in Action!

Assistance League Teacher Grants
Enable Classroom Enrichment Projects!
     Each year, Operation Scholarships philanthropic program awards classroom project grants up to $500 to district teachers to enable them to provide enrichment activities for their students. This year 20 Murrieta Valley Unified School District teachers and 11 Lake Elsinore Valley United School District teachers were awarded grants totaling $13,665. Teachers are implementing their projects and have shared some photos with us.
     Penny Chidester, Dance PE, Grades 9-12, Murrieta Mesa High School, applied for pipe and drape room dividers to increase space and numbers of students who can participate in Dance PE. More students and dancers are able to utilize the dance room in rehearsals.
     Dana Rice, Computer Science, grades 9-12, Murrieta Valley and Murrieta Canyon High Schools purchased start up materials for a new computer class, “Exploring Computer Science” which teaches creative, collaborative, and problem-solving skills that involve kinesthetic learning prior to the use of a computer. This lesson involved the creative act of programming and algorithms, by creating a set of instructions and connecting the ability to program and solve problems, using Legos. The students had a blast!