Assistance League Bears give comfort to twins


Assistance League received this heartwarming testimonial from Melissa, a mother of twins, via the chapter Facebook page. Read the story of her twins, Isaiah and Isabella.

“I wanted to thank you for your bears provided to us at Rancho Springs Hospital. I have twins that are 3. They were born very prematurely, at 24 weeks, which can sometimes land us in the hospital. In late February of this year, both of my kids got very sick. They were transported to Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego. My daughter was handed a bear when an IV was started and by so was handed a bear when he was being secured for the ambulance transport. The bears provided so much comfort for them during their time in the hospital. My daughter was admitted for 7 days. The bear never left her side. My son was admitted for 2 days. When he had to go home without his sister, he was very uncertain and afraid. My twins have always been with each other and have never spent this much time apart. His teddy bear ever left is side. He still keeps it next to him. It has become his favorite teddy bear. He sleeps with it every night and brings it with him when he wakes up in the morning, Your donation provides so much comfort for kid, I was not prepared for tht many days and extent of a hospitalization so it was very nice to know they had immediate comfort when they were surrounded by doctors, specialists and equipment that overwhelmed them and scared them. As my son says, “I love by teddy”. Thank you for this love.”

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