Assistance League Distributes Face Masks

     Assistance League of Temecula Valley will participate with the County of Riverside in the distribution of 10 million face masks to fight the spread of COVID-19. Assistance League will be receiving a supply of 6,000 face masks to be provided to thrift shop customers, clients and volunteer members.
Riverside County is ramping up efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19 as part of its “Masks are Medicine” campaign and public health officials are urging residents to wear them.
The goal of the wide-spread distribution campaign is to get a face covering on every resident in the county, but masks alone won’t do the job of slowing the recent surge in COVID-19 cases.
“The combination of good hand washing, physical distancing and covering the face can decrease our risk for infection by 95%,” said Dr. Geoffrey Leung with Family Medicine. “If we had a medicine that could decrease our risk of getting COVID by 95%, everyone would be taking it.”
“The sooner we stop the spread, the sooner we can target economic vitalization opportunities to power things forward,” said Lee Monville with the Riverside County Economic Recovery Task Force.