A Mystery Solved

Several months ago, the Marketing Communications Committee became aware of an eBay business that designated Assistance League of Temecula Valley as their chosen charity to receive a portion of the proceeds from some of their on-line sales.  What was this business, who were the owners and how did they decide to support our chapter?  We always want to acknowledge and thank our donors so a little sleuthing was on order.

After several attempts, we were able to contact our benefactor.  GloriousRelics7 is owned by Patricia and Todd Eggers of Temecula, long time residents and devoted fans of anything vintage.  Patricia grew up surrounded by antiques and vintage items and was fascinated by them,

their history and beauty. She and her mother, Gloria, founded GloriousRelics7 in 2017 and had a spot in one of Temecula’s Old Town locations for a year before reimagining their business as an online store selling through eBay.

So, how did Patricia know about Assistance League of Temecula Valley and why did she and Todd chose us as their charity?   Many years ago our chapter had a program helping underprivileged teens with prom expenses.  Teens could come into our store and choose suits and dresses, shoes and accessories for their all-important prom night.  In those days Patricia owned a hair salon in Temecula and she would donate salon services to this program so the teens could enjoy a special hair service or a manicure.  So, they have been long time fans and supporters of Assistance League of Temecula Valley. 

When GloriousRelics7 left their brick and mortar store and decided to sell on E-Bay, they donated many items to our thrift shop.  Some of you may remember their gift of 25 bridal

gowns. Patricia says she and her husband like to donate to Assistance League because, “It’s a way to give directly to the kids in our community.”

The Eggers know that our philanthropic programs help children and families in need, and that our thrift shop sales support our programs.  The idea of a thrift shop also fits in with their personal philosophy that things, cherished items and belongings, should have more than one time and one purpose.  They believe in repurposing and reusing.  Both shop in our store and Patricia said she loves our Greeting Cards and Stationary Departments and often shops for office supplies for their business.

Todd and Patricia appreciate that we are an all-volunteer organization.  Our thrift store has a different feeling from a for-profit store with paid employees.  Patricia said, “All of our volunteers are very polite and very cheerful.”  Thank you GloriousRelics7 for all of your support throughout the years. 

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