The five M’s from Victorville discover the Assistance League of Temecula Valley Thrift Shop

     Friday, July 9th, turned out to be one of the best days of their vacation for Miya, Margie, Mega, McKenzie, and Madison, two generations of one family plus three of their close friends.  They spent part of their vacation in San Diego and were headed back to Victorville.  The ladies were determined to make the trip home enjoyable and were thinking about visiting the outlet malls on the way. Miya, knowing that her mom especially enjoyed browsing in thrift shops, checked on line for thrift shops with good reviews. Assistance League of Temecula Valley Thrift Shop headed the list so the ladies voted to give it a try.
WOW!  They were so excited when they entered the store and could be heard exclaiming about how great the merchandise was as they shopped in the ladies department for blouses, pants and dresses.  They were especially impressed with the spectacular Housewares Department and the displays of glassware, dishes, pots, pans and small kitchen appliances.
The ladies couldn’t say enough about how organized the merchandise was and how they loved the way it was arranged and displayed.  The Fabulous Five M’s were amazed at the size of our store and the fact that everything was so neat.  One of the ladies stated that her allergies usually flared up when she was shopping in thrift stores, but ours was so clean that she wasn’t having that problem.  They didn’t know about Assistance League and were delighted to learn that some of the other Assistance Leagues also had stores.
A good hour and a half of enjoyable shopping later, a cart loaded with beautiful merchandise donated by our generous donors, and Miya, Margie, Mega, McKenzie and Madison were on their way home. What a great way to end your vacation, ladies!  We are so happy that you found Assistance League of Temecula Valley!

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