Operation School Bell thanks military families!

It’s back to school for our military families and that means Camp Pendleton Operation School Bell during the weekend of August 28-29. Assistance League of Temecula Valley collaborated with seven local chapters to provide a drive through shopping experience. There was a steady stream of vehicles, holding military families, going from one easy-up to another to “shop” for ‘Back to School’ clothing, or to be given gift cards for a particular item of apparel. Think of it as “Trick or Treating,’ as one student said, however, “instead of getting candy we are given clothing.” Indeed they received pants, shirts/blouses, sweatshirts, socks, shoes, underwear and a toiletry kit or a gift card in lieu of were given to the 498 students, including 239 boys being sponsored by the Assistance League of Temecula Valley, who attended this event.
Although the 2021 ‘Back to School Dressing’ was the second time in which this event was held as a drive- thru, this year seemed to attracted more “new to the base” families. When approaching each tent these “new” families seemed to be truly surprised they were receiving so much from the 7 Assistance League chapters. The common comments coming from within the cars were, “There’s more?” or “REALLY?” with genuine looks of surprise on their faces. It was really an exciting time for each family as they were guided forward to the next tent not knowing what they would find. As in previous years, volunteers heard time and again how much these military families appreciated what we were doing for them and as a few of the families stated, this event made a real difference as “their children would now have new clothes in which to start back to “in-person” school.
      It is we who thank you so much for the many sacrifices your families have made. We are so grateful for your loved one(s) who are serving our country and protecting our great nation. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you have done and continue to do.


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