A Very Special Baby Shower

When thrift shop staff saw a shopping cart overflowing with two teddy bears and a very large rabbit, they just had to ask about the plans for these cuddly creatures.  What caused them to look twice was the size of the stuffed animals.  Two were so large that there were legs dangling over the front of the cart and arms flopping on the sides nearly to the thrift shop floor.  The staff just had to find out what plans this lovely family had for their menagerie!

Isaiah, Angelica and Candice, smiling broadly, shared that the bears were going to a baby shower—and not just any baby shower.  The party will welcome Candice’s new baby boy, scheduled to be born on March 6th.  The family could not have been happier with their purchase—one jumbo sized bear almost as tall as Uncle Isaiah, another very large rabbit with huge floppy ears lined in pink satin, and a second soft bruin with a sweet face, just the right size for child.  Grandma Angelica told us that the biggest bear would be holding a sign for the shower and the rabbit would hold balloons—all to welcome family and friends to the event.

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