Teacher Grant Provides “Hands-on” Learning

Asistance League awarded Ms. Breyan Watson, a teacher at Harvest Valley Elementary School in Romoland, a $500 Grant to purchase “hands-on”  enrichment activities for the twenty-two kindergarten children in her classroom. In her application, Ms. Watson stated that her kindergarteners came to school this year “with a lot of holes in their learning” due to the pandemic. Some children could not write their names or hold a pencil.  Many became very frustrated when asked to complete work.

Kindergarteners enter school as young as four, and most leave by age six. Ms. Watson cited research that found a child’s brain develops rapidly between ages four to seven. The research indicated that “hands-on”  learning helps children of all ages to retain knowledge and grow.

Our grant has made it possible for Ms. Watson to purchase games for her kindergarteners which engage their minds and hands. The children use the games every day.

In her thank-you note to  Assistance League, Ms. Watson shared that the games have helped her students to become focused and motivated to learn, which, she says, is the main goal of a teacher!

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