Operation Nonprofit Partnerships Steps Up!

In November, Cathy, our Nonprofit Partnerships chairman, attended a meeting of the Student & Family Essential Resources (S.A.F.E.R.) Program through the Lake Elsinore Unified Support Services. The purpose of this meeting was to introduce the various agencies and non-profit organizations that can work together to assist our communities.

Cathy was fortunate to meet Mr. Sutten, a Counselor at David A. Brown Middle School in Wildomar. This school is a Title 1 school. Mr. Sutten explained many kids come to school not dressed sufficiently for the day especially for the colder mornings. He asked for hoodies to have on hand when he sees a kid not dressed warm enough.

Cathy made her first delivery of 20 hoodies shortly thereafter, and he was so delighted and thankful. Mr. Sutten then asked if she could deliver deodorant and socks. No problem, Cathy said.

On January 12th, Cathy was able to deliver 34 hygiene kits, 66 boys & girls socks and 5 more hoodies. Mr. Sutten and the students that helped unload her car were in awe. The school has a clothing pantry. Almost all are used items and this delivery was most welcome. Cathy heard one student say, “are these new?”, and when answered yes, he thanked Cathy. It was a great way to end her day!