Assistance League Supports LCAP Counselors

Assistance League of Temecula Valley recently received a grant from the City of Temecula to be used to support children and families in the City of Temecula, and to support local businesses.  Our members are working with LCAP Counselors in our local middle and high schools to provide some welcome items for the children served by these counselors.  LCAP Counselors along with the school Social Worker, work with homeless youth, children of low-income families and newly arrived immigrants.  They are a lifeline for these families within the community, helping families and children navigate the social services that are available, and making sure that students are supported and celebrated for their academic progress. 

Assistance League members met with the counselors, explained the parameters of the grant, and asked for ideas to support students.  On a recent morning, Connie Harris and I met with Ms. Mirimanian, LCAP Counselor for Margarita Middle School, and Ms. Avila, the school Social Worker, to deliver some of their requests.  We arrived with new backpacks, boxes of healthy snacks, a flat of water, fidgets, and small gift cards to local (and favorites of students) restaurants.  Because so many families are experiencing food insecurity during this time of high inflation, we ordered “Food Only” gift cards to Aldi’s Grocery store.  

It has been so much fun to meet Ms. Mirimanian and Ms. Avila; we love being their “personal shoppers” to fulfill their wish lists. These ladies shared that they have been purchasing the snacks and other needed items for their students out of their own personal money, so we are thrilled to have this grant to help.  The gift cards will be used as incentives to recognize student achievement in academics and in attendance.  

We are very grateful to the City of Temecula for awarding this grant, and we are delighted to support the counselors and the businesses in our community in this way.  

Clockwise: Lauren Moreno, Paloma Elementary; Inna Peart with gift cards for Susan Nelson School; Suezanne Jerez, social worker, Vail Ranch Middle School; Ms. Mirimanian, LCAP Counselor for Margarita Middle School, and Ms. Avila, the school Social Worker

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