Chapters for Children’s Day at Camp Pendleton

Asistance League of Temecula Valley’s Chapters for Children program held their annual Back to School Dressing for school-age military dependents at Camp Pendleton Saturday, August 19th. This event, hosted by 7 local Assistance League chapters and again held as a drive-thru, was very well received and attended by 261 families who, without exception, expressed their profound appreciation for what this program means to their families and for the opportunity to participate in our annual dressing.

  This year’s event day started with lines of cars, which at times seemed never ending, being checked in and then following a path outlined by EZ Ups. As families arrived at each tent, they received: girls/boys (blouses/shirts), girls/boys pants (girls leggings and Target Gift Cards for male pants), underwear, socks and toiletries, sweatshirts and gift cards for shoes all provided by the 7 local Assistance League chapters.  At the Camp Pendleton dressings, it is the responsibility of Assistance League of Temecula Valley to provide 2 pairs of jeans to school-age male dependents. However, with this being a drive-thru dressing, 234 boys instead received, depending on size, either a $25 or $30 Target Gift Cards to purchase jeans, for which we were rewarded with huge smiles.  At the end of this very busy day and despite the change of venue and the impending Tropical Storm Hilary, 490 students were dressed making this a very successful day.