A Conflict of Interest is defined as any situation in which a decision maker is influenced in an organization decision by personal, financial business or other concerns unrelated to the organizations best interest. Conflict of Interest laws generally do not prohibit
conflicts of interest but seek to regulate how they are addressed.

In order to protect the tax exempt status of this chapter, it is important that all volunteers understand the necessity to adhere to the highest standards and practices and to avoid any appearance of personal privilege or gain.

Members shall not use the chapter roster or mailing lists to promote member’s business other business of family members, friends or others.

Members shall not distribute promotional material for their own business. The chapter shall seek three bids in any situation where a member might benefit from a transaction or contract.

A member who might benefit from a chapter transaction or contract shall disclose that fact and excuse herself or himself from any committee or board discussion involving such transaction or contract. The disclosure shall be noted in the minutes of the meeting.

Care should be taken to avoid any situation which might benefit or appear to benefit any member(s) or chapter volunteers.