vera ada edwards award

2019 Anne Banning and Ada Edwards Award

Vera Doettling, Strategic Planning Chairman

Vera Doettling a member of Assistance League Sierra Foothills in El Dorado County, California was awarded both the Ann Banning and Ada Edwards Laughlin awards at our holiday luncheon by our Education Chairman, Sharon Rondone presented these awards based on her strong leadership and behind the scenes assistance in volunteering since 2012. Vera has served as VP of Resource, VP of Philanthropy, Education Chairman, President-elect, President, and currently Strategic Planning Chairman. Vera has reached out to members in the community to help our chapter in so many ways and has been a valuable mentor to current and future leaders in the chapter. She also developed our Grant Program and Guidestar program. With her guidance, we are now at the Platinum Guidestar level. Two of her favorite phrases are:  ” This too will pass and We will carry on”.  Congratulations Vera Doettling!

stacey circle pin 2019
sharon booth circle pin award 2019
sue circle pin 2019


Stacey Rogers

October 2019

Stacey Rogers is one of our most energetic chapter volunteers. As Hospitality Chairman, Stacey commutes from Camino each month to open up our meeting facility and together with her outstanding committee sets up the room and provides all the snacks and monthly decorations for the meeting.  She is both a volunteer and volunteer leader in our Senior Multi-Interest Leisure Enrichment Program as known as S.M.I.L.E.  providing Gold Country Residential seniors with enjoyable craft projects or coming just to assist them to complete.   As a long time member of the Books and Beyond program where she has helped many students comprehend their reading, she is now Chairman of that wonderful 30 plus committee.  The Books and Beyond Program has a warm spot in all of our members hearts; Stacey is carrying on the light of literacy to students to raise both their confidence and reading comprehension.  Thank you Stacey for all you do!


Sharon Booth

September 2019

Sharon  initially became aware of the Assistance League through her friend and neighbor Harriet Knops.  She was inspired by the dedication of this hard working group of women making a difference in our community, so decided to become a part of the organization  8 years ago.   She is a long standing member of both the Philanthropic and OSB committees, and  in the past ,a member of Sports Locker .  She has  been a store leader for OSB and a captain for both the Garden and Holiday Home Tours.   Her most rewarding achievement to our chapter is that she researched, developed and implemented the Senior Multi-Interest Leisure Enrichment Program also know as  S.M.I.L.E., which she has chaired since its inception.  Since becoming a member she has actively been a part of Senior Shopping, as well as serving in both Chair and Co-Chair capacities.


Sue Nelson

August 2019

Sue has been a member of Assistance League Sierra Foothills for over 3 ½ years and has served in the following capacity:  Marketing Chair 2017-2018 fiscal year and also shared this position with her predecessor, Barbara Brown in 2018-2019.  Sue took marketing to the next level by organizing marketing with reference files, she connected our chapter to a local social media outlet, and was the publisher of the ALSF Newsletter Fall 2017 to Spring 2019.  Sues love of photography provided us with chapter event and activity photos over the past 3 years.  Together with the grant committee, Sue was instrumental in creating a grants manual to standardize and allow for new committee members to take on roles.   She is a regular participant in our OSB events and on our Resource committee.  Most notable, is her Resource committee contribution to the 2019 Mad Hatter Tea party to ensure it was a special event to be remembered in ALSF history.  Sue’s top skill and why she has been able to do the above: she is a meticulous organizer!

2018 Nov 28- Cindy Sample, Circle Pin Award-3
2018 Harriet Knops received the Ann Banning Award for Leadership presented by Julie Quinn
2019 Feb 27th, Carole Miller, Circle Pin award presented by Julie Quinn
Circle Pin Award   November 2018

Presented by Susan Tyler to Cindy Sample. As a well-known author, writing The Diamond series books, she donated a diamond to help ALSF raise funds for      Operation School Bell. She also remained active while receiving chemotherapy. Thank you, Cindy, for your dedication!

Ann Banning Award  December 2018 

Julie Quinn, ALSF President, presented Harriet Knops with the Ann Banning Award for Leadership at the 2018 December Christmas luncheon.  Harriet is recognized for developing and implementing National Assistance League’s signature program, Operation School Bell® within our chapter and for her undaunted commitment to its success over the past ten years.

Circle Pin Award    February 2019   

President Julie Quinn presented Carole Miller the Circle Pin award for her achievement in developing Assistance League Sierra Foothills Books and Beyond program and for her continued dedication to this vital program.

In recognition for her service as Treasurer, Finance Manager and dedicated volunteer to Assistance League Sierra Foothills, ALLIE CHAPPELL received the members appreciation award.

Picture from L>R    Susan Tyler, sitting Allie Chappell, Diane Bradford

Mother Lode picture 2017


Barbara Brown has been called the VOR (Voice of Reason), she is the wheel that makes so much of what we do move forward.  She is highly dedicated to our chapter and involved in most all aspects of its ensured success.  She can wear many hats and get it all done!    Award presented by Sue Nelson to Barbara Brown on March 28, 2018.

Mother Lode Unified School District recognizes AL Sierra Foothills Operation School Bell Program at the October 11, 2017 Board Meeting


Debbie McClenahan, V.P. Resource Development

March 2017

Debbie joined our chapter in 2012. Since then, she has not passed up the opportunity to assist, support, contribute and lead. She has unlimited energy, a can-do spirit combined with a fearless brand of creativity. As a relatively new member, she assumed a major leadership position, knowing that there would be learning as you go. In doing so, she understood how to relate to new members joining committees, providing specifics and guidance as needed when making a request or assigning a task. Members have expressed their appreciation of this style of leadership, because it provides a level of confidence toward a successful task completion and willingness to volunteer again. Using a forward thinking prospective, this member also has initiated innovative ways to increase our earnings, continuing the most successful strategies while retiring the less successful.


Barbara Brown, Marketing Communications Chairman

October 2016

In our chapter’s infancy beginning in 2008, Barbara initiated the concept of staying in touch with all our members. Since then, she has worked tirelessly n front of and behind the scenes to make Assistance League of Sierra Foothills a household name, often serving as our visionary.

Barbara has left our membership in awe of her energy and problem solving ability as well as her “can-do” spirit. She has accepted and perfected new challenges often having little experience for the task at hand. Somehow, this woman has found ways to perfect the required skills. She has supported the President/Board in achieving chapter successes.

Her sense of style and display to our fundraising events, often going beyond expectation … an inspiration for others to follow.  Barbara was presented with the Ada Edwards Laughlin Award Recognition and framed certificate. Her name is the first to appear on this plaque where names of future honorees will appear.


Judy Meagles

June 2016

As a relatively new member, Judy has enthusiastically embraced our programs and fundraising events. This creative artist is well known in the United States and Asia for her contemporary ink painting. She has used these skills to create and direct table decorations at our fundraising events and for leading creative activities for the S.M.I.L.E. Committee activities. Judy’s two professional and philanthropically minded daughters have each been behind the scenes donors to our fundraisers and in a public recognition of our chapter.