Assistance League Sierra Foothills’ SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM consists of a Community Service Scholarship and Advantage Scholarship.  The Community Service Scholarships are awarded to high school seniors who are enrolled in El Dorado County schools and active in community service. The Advantage Scholarship are given to individuals who have overcome significant challenges (family, financial, medical, emotional, etc.) in their lives.  Scholarship recipients may choose to attend a trade school, a community college, or a four-year college/university.

The program began in 2014 with one scholarship award; we now have multiple scholarship awards annually. During the designated submission period, students begin their application process through the website.  Assistance League receives and reviews the applications and then rates and prioritizes the candidates before making a final selection.  Scholarship recipients are notified through their respective schools and given the scholarship during the schools’ award ceremonies.

Since its inception eight years ago almost $30,000 has been award through the SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM to outstanding local graduates who have enriched and improved the lives of others or individuals in need of assistance.


Community Service Scholarship & Advantage Scholarship Recipients

2022 Scholarship Award Winners!

Julia Rusk

Made significant contributions to the community throughout her high school years in spite of major health issues.  Julia plans to attend Western Washington University majoring in coastal studies.


(L > R)  Terry Wenig, Stacey Rogers, Julia Rusk, and Irene Muzio.

Fiona Towle

Independence H.S. senior who experienced many hardships is tenacious and has set high goals for herself.  Fiona has chosen a vocational track to pursue a career in cosmetology at the Paul Mitchell School at MTI College in Sacramento.


(L > R)  Terry Wenig, Fiona Towle and Irene Muzio.

Emely Mancilla-Phoenix

Ponderosa H.S. senior who overcame significant challenges and health issues has shaped her interest in becoming a victim advocate.  Emely is preparing to pursue a degree in psychology with an emphasis on forensics and a minor in criminal justice at Gand Canyon University in Arizona.


(L > R)  Terry Wenig, Emely Mancilla-Phoenix, Stacey Rogers and Irene Muzio.

Alexis MacKie

Oak Ridge H.S. senior has performed an extensive amount of community service, is known for her personality and kindness among her peers and teachers.  Alexis plans to pursue a degree in kinesiology and exercise science at Michigan State University.


(L > R)  Terry Wenig, Alexis Mackie and Irene Muzio.


(L > R)  Terry Wenig, Fiona Towle, Emely Mancilla-Phoenix, Julia Rusk, Alexis MacKie, Irene Muzio.


(L > R)  Emely Mancilla-Phoenix, Fiona Towle, Julia Rusk, Alexis MacKie

2021 Scholarship Award Winners!

Advantage Scholarship Winner

Advantage Scholarship Winner

Community Service Scholarship Winner

2021 Scholarship Sara Ambrose
Sara Ambrose, El Dorado High School
  • Plans to go to University of California, Santa Cruz as a Biology major with a career in a medical field.   Has challenging family circumstances.
  • Goal: to be an example that circumstances do not have to limit goals and achievements.
2021 Scholarship Brianna Reynolds
Brianna Reynolds, Union Mine High School

Plans to go to Humboldt State University as a Zoology major with a career to treat injured animals.  Has had a difficult family history.   She graduated with excellent high school record in spite of challenging family issues.

2021 Scholarship Logan Barth
Logan Barth, Oak Ridge High School

Plans to go to University of Southern California as a Political science major tp pursue a career in the legal field.   He was active in Juvenile Justice Program, leading the development of highly successful mentoring program.  Has participated in political advocacy in various roles.

Advantage Scholarship Winners

2020 Scholarship Award Winners!

ALSF scholarship 2020 Jessica Smigle
Jessica Smigle, Folsom Lake College
ALSF scholarship 2020 Eileen Kearney
Eileen Kearney, Union Mine
ALSF scholarship 2020 Serena Palaroan
Serena Palaroan, South Lake Tahoe

Community Service Scholarship Winners

Picture Coming Soon!
Cole Shoemake, Oak Ridge
Haley Richardson
Haley Richardson, Ponderosa
Picture Coming Soon!
Taylor Smith, Oak Ridge

2019 Scholarship Award Winners!

Awards given to Oak Ridge H.S. and Ponderosa H.S. students

Assistance League of Sierra Foothills recently awarded four Community Service Scholarships of $1,250 each to graduating seniors Gianna Compagno and Autumn Fowler-Vogel from Ponderosa High School and Madison Shepherd and Ethan Huang from Oak Ridge High School.  The scholarship presentations were made at each high school Senior Awards Night.

Assistance League of Sierra Foothills awards these scholarships annually to graduating El Dorado County high school seniors planning to further their education at a four year college or university, community college or vocational, technical, business school.  This year’s four recipients were chosen because of the positive influence they have made in the lives of others through their exemplary unpaid community service.

Pictured are Gianna Compagno, Autumn Fowler-Vogel and Madison Shepherd being honored at Assistance League Sierra Foothills end of the year luncheon. Ethan Huang was unable to attend.

2018 Scholarship Award Winners!

thank you from Madeline VanHonsebrouck
2018 Scholarship Awards

Regina Nelson, left, from Ponderosa High School, Linda Lange, center, the Scholarship Committee chairman and Madeline Vanhonsebrouck, right, from Oak Ridge High School were awarded their Community Service Scholarships of $1,000 each on Sunday, April 29. Courtesy photo.

Assistance League of Sierra Foothills recently awarded two Community Service Scholarships of $1,000 each to graduating high school seniors Madeline Vanhonsebrouck from Oak Ridge High School and Regina Nelson from Ponderosa High School. The awards were presented at an ice cream social recognition celebration held on Sunday, April 29, at the home of Assistance League member Mary Helen Fischer.

Assistance League of Sierra Foothills awards these scholarships annually to graduating El Dorado County high school seniors planning to further their education at a four year college or university, community college or vocational/technical/business school. This year’s two recipients have made a positive influence in the lives of others by performing exemplary unpaid volunteer community service.

Neha Patel, the owner of Cold Stone Creamery in Town Center El Dorado Hills, donated the ice cream for the event.

Article Printed in the May 02, 2018 Mountain Democrat edition. 


2016 Cooper Davis, El Dorado High School

2016  Roisin Kery, Oak Ridge High School


2015 Tristin Hunter and Danielle Di Orio, Ponderosa High School

2014  Danay Nipar, Golden Sierra High School

Donations made to the Community Service Scholarship Program are restricted to this program and will enable us to increase the number of scholarships that are awarded on an annual basis.   Thank you for your support!

Nancy Hetrick, Community Scholarship Chairman