Win a Luxury Gift Basket

Win fabulous luxury gift baskets at our Fashion Event!

For each annual Fashion Event, a trio of talented Assistance League members come together to create a dozen amazing gift basket presentations. These are our “Opportunity Baskets” that can range in value from $150.00 to over $300.00. A single raffle ticket can win one of these wonderful baskets.

These beautifully designed baskets are one of the highlights of the events for which our guests return year after year. Below is what it takes each basket artist to make them happen:
(1) Find willing, generous sponsors for each basket.
(2) Select a unique and enticing theme, and choose a color combination that compliments the theme.
(3) Put on your running shoes, and let the multiple shopping trips begin!
(4) Gather your treasures and creatively arrange them in your chosen container and photograph them for posterity.

The photo shown here is one of this year’s presentations called “Wine and Roses”. Be sure to attend our next Fashion Event on Saturday, April 25, 2020, and you could possibly win one of these fabulous creations!

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