Enrichment Scholarship Program

We provide hope and financial means to pursue your dreams

The Enrichment Scholarship Program provides summer scholarships to middle and high school public school students in Whatcom County.  Students may apply for summer enrichment camps in a variety of areas such as music, science, art, debate, technology, dance, leadership and many others.

These scholarships are merit based; not based on financial need.  Receiving one not only helps make it possible for the recipient to attend an enriching summer program, but it can also be listed on future college applications, which is an important factor in today’s competitive environment.

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How we're making a difference ( 2021-2022 )

in scholarships
awarded to students
in grades 6 to 11
students received
merit-based scholarships
helps send
one teen to
summer camp

Enriching lives with scholarships for summer programs

We believe positive experiences during the critical middle and high school years can change the trajectory of a young person’s life.  With Enrichment Scholarships, qualified teens can explore their unique talents, interests and gain new skills.

Summer scholarships for middle and high school students
Summer scholarships for middle and high school students
Summer scholarships for middle and high school students

What's happening in your community

Enrichment Scholarship Winners Provide Music at Yule Boutique

This year’s Yule Boutique shoppers were entertained with beautiful music by last year’s Enrichment Scholarship Winners. Performing on cello and violin were Alma, Lilly and Maddie from Whatcom Middle School. The final performance was by Theo from Ferndale High School on piano. What a treat it was to listen to live music from these talented musicians!

2022 Enrichment Scholarship Recipients Announced

Assistance League of Bellingham is pleased to announce the recipients of our 2022 Enrichment Scholarship Program: HIGH SCHOOLS Bellingham High School: Pepper Berry, Gemma Cochran, Keely Frazier, Avery Horton, Chloe Hovdesven, Kelly Kerman, Ezra Price, Annabelle Schudlich, Siena Stiles, Ellie Wolverton, Alex Strobel Ferndale High School: Kateri McFall, Mason Helt, Aubrey Tegt, Theodore Lewis, Abigail Schuman, […]

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