Enrichment Scholarship Program

We provide hope and financial means to pursue your dreams

The Enrichment Scholarship Program provides over $50,000 in summer scholarships to middle and high school public school students in Whatcom County.  Students may apply for summer enrichment camps in a variety of areas such as: music, science, art, debate, technology, dance, leadership and many others.

These scholarships are merit based; not based on financial need.  Receiving one not only helps make it possible for the recipient to attend an enriching summer program, but it can also be listed on future college applications, which is an important factor in today’s competitive environment.

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How we're making a difference ( 2018-2019 )

in scholarships
awarded to students
in grades 6 to 11
students received
merit-based scholarships
helps send
one teen to
summer camp

Enriching lives with scholarships for summer programs

We believe positive experiences during the critical middle and high school years can change the trajectory of a young person’s life.  With Enrichment Scholarships, qualified teens can explore their unique talents, interests and gain new skills.

Summer scholarships for middle and high school students
Summer scholarships for middle and high school students
Summer scholarships for middle and high school students

What's happening in your community

Enrichment Scholarship Recipient Loves Camp

Thank you to Deanne Kanenaga for sharing this information about her son’s camp experience. “Marcus Kanenaga was a recipient of an enrichment scholarship in 2019. He is already back from 8 days of viewing the stars with the University of Arizona staff and co-campers. Please find attached a shot of Marcus with his roommates at […]

Enrichment Scholarship Program Requirements

Assistance League of Bellingham offers Summer Enrichment Scholarship opportunities to Whatcom County students who are currently enrolled in grades 6-11 in a public school (or are home-schooled with a public school affiliation).  Private school students do not qualify and students who are related to an Assistance League member may not apply for a scholarship. The scholarships […]

Scoring Enrichment Scholarship Applications

Each Enrichment Scholarship Program application is reviewed, evaluated and scored by at least two committee members, sometimes three. The scoring rubric consists of a total of 60 points divided into three areas. The students can earn up to 20 points for the content of their essay and up to 20 points for writing skills such […]