AL Care Center Support

Brightening the spirits of residents in care centers

Anni, Care Center Support member, explains that the program is unique in many ways,

“We provide Christmas gifts to residents in eight different long-term care facilities: six in Bellingham and two in Ferndale. The activity directors identify potential recipients (anyone with a limited income or little social support). They are asked what they would like Santa to bring them for Christmas. Assistance League members volunteers ‘shop til they drop’ to purchase the requested items. They wrap and deliver the gifts, thereby spreading the joy of the season.”

The Care Center Support program has evolved over 19 years serving residents in seven care centers in Bellingham and Whatcom County without family or friends to remember them on special occasions.

Working through the Activities Directors, Assistance League of Bellingham fulfills personal Holiday wish lists for the residents. Requested items included flannel PJs, cologne, a lap blanket, large print picture books, and dog treats for a service dog that visits.

We also send birthday cards and deliver special springtime gifts to brighten the spirits of these residents.

How we're making a difference ( 2022-2023 )

Christmas gifts delivered
to nine care centers
handmade quilts
given to care centers
residents recognized
and remembered

Being remembered and feeling loved

“It is hard to put into words how grateful we are to Assistance League for bringing so much joy to our residents during the holiday season. I saw many smiles and some tears as the residents opened their gifts. Your kindness is overwhelming. We can’t thank you enough for the good work that you do.”
Comment from an activity director to a member of Care Center Support Committee.

Brighten a resident’s day.

Want to help those in need?

We truly spread a little joy and bring such smiles to the resident’s faces. We wish we could do it more often.

-Anni Martinek, Care Center Support program member

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