Application General Information

Assistance League of Bellingham offers Enrichment Scholarship opportunities to Whatcom County students who are currently enrolled in grades 6 – 11 in a public school (or are home-schooled with a public school affiliation).  Private school students do not qualify and students who are related to an Assistance League member may not apply for a scholarship.

The scholarships are competitive, and not based on financial need. We would love to fund everyone, but we typically are only able to raise funds to award about half of the applications we receive. Scoring is done on the basis of an English essay and a letter of recommendation.  Approximate point values are:  1/3 letter of recommendation, 1/3 English writing skills, and 1/3 content (eg. does the essay convince us that the applicant will benefit from attending the chosen summer program?).  A school transcript or report card is not required.   Applicants are reminded that grammar and spelling count, and encouraged to spend time polishing their essays before submitting them.  Points will be deducted for illegible or incomplete applications.

Students can apply two years in a row even if a scholarship was received last year.

The program to be funded is selected by the student, and the student is responsible for applying to the program chosen. (Assistance League Bellingham itself does not offer summer camps or programs).  Not every summer camp or program qualifies for the Assistance League Bellingham Enrichment Scholarship Program.  Acceptable programs include those in art, business, chess, dance, debate, drama, computers, ecology, journalism, language study, leadership, math, music, science, engineering, and more, including college preview programsNot acceptable programs are private lessons, religion-centered programs, programs in foreign countries, or sports camps. Our scholarship is for programs running during summers only, not during the standard school year. Also, we do not pay for transportation.

Scholarship checks are made out to the program, not to the student, but the student is responsible for sending the check to the program.  The scholarship can be applied to tuition and the cost of materials and supplies purchased from the program, but not transportation costs.

Before you fill out the application form, carefully review the complete cost of your desired summer program and calculate how much to request from Assistance League Bellingham.

– For grades 6-8 the maximum award is $400
– For grades 9-11 the maximum award is $900 

Students may apply for only ONE scholarship per year.  Once the committee has selected the awardees, the award cannot be transferred to a different camp or program.

The Scholarship Application Process

The information below applied to scholarship applications in 2019.

January, 2020:  Program information updated.
March, 2020: Applications due (a specific date will be announced in Jan. 2020)
April, 2020: Applications reviewed and winners announced.

The Application Package includes:
Page 1 – Letter to Parents
Page 2 – Application Package
Page 3 – Application General Information
Page 4 – Here Is What You Need to Do
Page 5 – Application Form
Page 6 – The Essay Form
Page 7 – Recommendation Form (2 pages)
Page 8 – Publicity Consent and Release Form

Assistance League Enrichment Scholarships - Bellingham

2019 Student Scholarship Recipients

In 2019, eighty-three students in Whatcom County received merit-based scholarships: