Reading and More

Volunteers assist individual students by proving reading mentoring to second grade Jarrell Elementary school children.  Students and staff select appropriate level books to be read by the student as the mentors listen and provide support as needed.  A training session at the beginning of the school year provides volunteers with strategies to use for word identification and comprehension.

Books and remedial reading programs, selected by school staff are purchased for Jarrell Elementary School.  Amount spent varies on chapter budget and available funds.

Members who participate in this philanthropic program find it to be beneficial to the students involved and the members find it to be a rewarding experience.

Story of the Quilt

The quilt made by Jarrell Elementary School Pre-kindergarten through second grade students is based on Shel Silverstein’s bestselling book The Giving Tree.  Written more than 50 years ago, it has sold more than 10 million copies.  The story follows the lives of an apple tree and a boy who develop a long lasting relationship.  In his childhood, the boy enjoys playing with the tree. As he grows older, he begins to spend less time with the tree and tends to visit only when he wants something.  With every stage of giving, the tree is still happy. When only a stump remains, the tree is momentarily not happy. When the boy returns as an elderly man, he wants a quiet place to sit and rest. With this gift, the tree is once again happy.

When presenting the quilt to our chapter, Jarrell counselor Laura Buckley likened it to the giving of Assistance League members when thanks are not always expressed by the students with whom chapter members work to help them improve their reading skills. Assistance League of Georgetown Area will be forever grateful for this treasured gift.

Reading & More, May 2017

Operation School Bell, May 2017