New Board of Directors

Installation of Officers took place at our General Meeting on May 9th. Our new Board of Directors was installed. We look forward to this lively group leading the way into 2023-24. We are in great hands!

Board of Directors

Erin Mone, Carol Kern, Carlin Edelstein, Maria Mistry, Gwen Rohar, Sunny Moss, Robert Sanchez,
Kitty Lam, Dani Sayers, John Barbara. Seated: Gwen Slater, Janis Sanchez, and Sharon Cole.


Honoring Past Presidents

Gwen Slater, Ginger Webster, Dani Sayers, Marcia Hebert, Rita Stratton, Sharon Cole, Judy Hildebrand, and Gwen Rohar.



Board of Directors 2023-24

President Elect
VP Membership
VP Philanthropic Programs
VP Resource Development
VP Building Administration
VP Personnel
Chapter Relations
Finance Officer
Las Primeras
Las Profesionales

Janis Sanchez
Sharon Cole
Linda Tyson
Carole McCaskill
Dani Sayers
John Barbara
Kitty Lam
Robert Sanchez
Sunny Moss
Gwen Rohar
Maria Mistry
Erin Mone
Carlin Edelstein
Carol Kern
Gwen Slater