Assistance League Member Sharon “Petie” Matzinger Receives Ada Laughlin Award

Ada Laughlin Award

Presented by Rosemary Selver, Assistance League of Bellingham:

It is my honor and privilege to present the Ada Laughlin Award. Ada Laughlin was a co-founder of the Assistance League and was married to Homer Laughlin Jr, “whose family is known for creating the iconic Fiesta Dinnerware that is still popular today.” It’s quite often sold in our Thrift & Gift Shop.

The presentation of this award is considered to be a significant event given only when warranted, and the suggestion is this be given to someone that is very “Hardworking” and “Behind the Scenes”. With that criteria we knew she would be a perfect recipient for this award because we could definitely guarantee the hardworking part……well, maybe not totally behind the scenes, but ALWAYS with a willingness to help with a task or to offer assistance to a member, or anyone in need.

This person has a list of involvement that it would take a long of time to read, and besides, so many that I would probably forget to say at least one or two or three.   Suffice to say there were very few committees she was NOT on or chairing in her years as a member, as well as Board positions. I counted 17 positions and then was not sure I had listed all of them.  Some of the more noticeable and memorable were: President Elect,  President,   Secretary,  VP Membership,  VP Administrative Services (a position she helped create after determining the need our chapter had for a Risk Management Policy), and currently Treasurer.

She also served on a National Committee for Bylaws, co-chaired the regional Northwest Conference, and was on the committee for finding a new home for us, our current shop. I am not 100% sure but I think her longest reign was that of Bylaws chair. I use the word “reign” as her committee always referred to her as “the Bylaws Queen”, which she definitely was and is. And last, but certainly not least, she volunteered her husband John, who put in many, many hours on behalf of Assistance League.

So again, it is my honor and my privilege to present this well-deserved award to our colleague and friend, Sharon (Petie) Matzinger.

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