Joani Carrington Receives Assistance League of Bellingham’s President’s Award

Joani Carrington
Joy Dunne, our current Assistance League of Bellingham president, presented the President’s Award to Joanie Carrington at our regular Zoom membership meeting, May 5th.
In the presentation, Joy said, “The President’s award, given for the first time this year, is to recognize a member who is excellent at what she does, even in the face of adversity. She is an excellent leader and team player, and works with a zeal that most of us can’t match. She cares deeply about ALB, and is passionate about helping people. She steps in where others may not . She speaks truth to power. She is well respected. We have several people who could fit that definition, but even in this group of amazing people, one person stands out.
The person who stands out from the crowd, and who is being awarded for all she accomplished this year for ALB, is a team member and leader in the best sense of the words, never forcing, always guiding.
She works well with all members. She volunteers her time seven days a week. She moves large furniture in her spare time and makes it look easy. She also climbs ladders to get things up high for customers or other volunteers. She organizes well thought out and professionally run training for members. She worked with her committee to come up with ways for volunteers to be safe in the shop and back rooms during the pandemic. She spent hours reading CDC guidelines to be sure she was keeping members safe. She came to me with problems, as well as suggestions on ways to solve them. She is sooo organized. She helps out wherever she is needed, estate sales, shop, back rooms. We would not have been able to have people volunteering in the shop and back rooms, or even open the shop, except for her guidance and work with her wonderful management committee.
Joanie Carrington, this President’s Award is for you. Thank you for all you have done in the past, and especially this past year. You made it easier to be the president of this organization, because I knew I could count on you all the time.”