The Links to Learning program was started by Assistance League of Capistrano Valley in 2000. Since its beginning, our chapter has provided individual grants to middle schools within the Capistrano Unified School District for district approved but non-funded learning enrichment programs.

Applications, which outline individual projects and their respective budgets, are solicited from classroom teachers, school counselors and media specialists. Our chapter members act as liaisons to each of the middle schools in the Capistrano Unified School District and keep the schools informed about the Links to Learning program.

In order to be considered for grant money, the program/project request must:

  • Directly benefit and involve students
  • Support and enhance school curriculum
  • Help prepare students for the their futures
  • Promote STEM and STEAM curriculum

Its purpose is to provide grants to qualified school personnel to enrich classroom instruction for middle school students. The total amount awarded varies each year, but grants are given in amounts from $50 to $250. Only one application is accepted per person. Applicants may team together for a grant exceeding $250, but each applicant must submit a grant.

Application due by:  September 25,2020

Evaluation and Financial Forms due: April 16, 2021

The Cover Page

The Application

Budget Page

Evaluation Form

Supporting Documents if applicable

Please proofread the application.

Add as many details as possible:

Why is grant important?

How many students will benefit?

How your materials will be used?

Be sure to meet the deadline!