Frank Moss Scholarship for the Performing Arts

The Frank Moss Scholarship for the Performing Arts (theatre, dance, vocal, instrumental) is a financial assistance program for students to enable them to pursue their study of the performing arts, thereby helping students excel in their chosen field and better prepare them to thrive in the future.

Funding is awarded based on passion for and desire to study the performing arts as well as financial need.


To be eligible for a scholarship, an applicant must:

• Be in grades 9-11
• Be a student in good standing at their respective public high school

The program supports students by providing financial assistance to enable them to pursue their area of interest in the performing arts.

Funding will not be awarded for college tuition and related expenses. Financial assistance is intended for use while the student is in high school.

Funding can be for a broad range of services or purchases. Examples include, but are not limited to, private lessons or purchase of performing arts materials.


A selection committee of Assistance League member volunteers will review nominations and applications and evaluate requests to determine funding to be awarded, specifically evaluating the following criteria:

• Potential for growth in the performing arts
• Student commitment to their performing arts program
• Talent
• Academic performance
• Financial need
• Instructor recommendations


For more information on requirements and how to apply, please contact us at: