Assistance League of Coppell does not copy, reproduce, publish, post, distribute, share or sell, the name, personal contact information or description of donations to any outside individual or business. Exceptions shall be those required by law or requested by grant providers.

Assistance League of Coppell may wish to publicly acknowledge your contribution by various means, such as internal or community publications. This would include cash or in-kind donations of goods or services. If you prefer not to be included on any donor recognition list, please email Assistance League of Coppell at

If a donor chooses to opt out of any acknowledgement listings, the donor information will be made available only to members of Assistance League of Coppell who are responsible for managing the business of the chapter.

A copy of Assistance League of Coppell’s Donor Privacy Policy will be provided to a donor upon request and is also available on the chapter’s website. All records of donations to Assistance League of Coppell shall be maintained by the chapter according to the applicable standards of record retention in effect at the time of the donation. All records will be maintained in a secure location of the chapter.

A donor’s photograph will not be used at any time in any chapter publication without the donor’s written consent. In the case of a minor, written permission will be obtained from the parent/guardian.

Assistance League of Coppell, P.O Box 2462. Coppell, TX 75019