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Links to Learning provides awards to New Hanover, Brunswick and Pender county elementary school educators to enhance curriculum and stimulate creative thought in a variety of settings. These awards will enable educators to enrich classroom and extracurricular activities and develop new approaches to learning.







Applications and Information for Awards

Educators at any of the schools served by our Operation School Bell® program are invited to apply for an award. To access the 2021-2022 application forms (Guidelines, Cover Page, Application Questions, Evaluation and Financial Reports), please click on the link below.

The information for the 2021-2022 school year are as follows.  The cover sheet must be signed by the school principal and the application must be received by Assistance League by 4:00 p.m. on Oct. 29, 2021.

Guidelines for Applying for an Award
Application Cover Page
Application Questions
Project Evaluation Form
Financial Report

“I have personally seen the Links to Learning program expand over the past six years.  It is really amazing what the nonprofit does not only for teachers, but, through the other programs, other people in need.  The program has been especially good to my school, since many teachers have benefitted from the grants.  It is really humbling to see the selflessness of the ALGW and the volunteers that make it up.  Thank you so much for supporting us and our students.”

Dr. Chris Wirszyla at Cape Fear Elementary School

Assistance League Makes Awards to Educators for 67 Projects Through Its Links to Learning Program

Assistance League of Greater Wilmington awarded 75 educators for 67 projects in New Hanover, Brunswick and Pender Counties, totaling more than $43,000 through its Links to Learning Program for the 2019-2020 school year.  The awards allow educators to enrich and expand classroom and extracurricular activities and/or develop new or different approaches to teaching that will stimulate creative thought.  Over 8,300 students will benefit from these projects.

The Links to Learning Program is in its eighth year, and Assistance League has now contributed over $200,000 to local schools through this program.

The award winners for 2019-2020 are as follows:

Brunswick County
Clark, Bolivia Elementary School:  “Goldilocks and the Bears Didn’t Like Sitting in Hard Chairs”
Bradley and Frink, Bolivia Elementary School:  “Creating Bravely through STEM”
Neville, Lincoln Elementary School:  “Family Centered STEAM at Lincoln Elementary”
Caddell, Lincoln Elementary School:  “The World through my Eyes”
Dancy, Belville Elementary School:  “Give ‘em a Break”
Schulte, Supply Elementary School:  “Sir Cumference to Circles”  Connecting Literature with Math”
Holdren, Town Creek Elementary School:  “Alternative Seating for Structured Behavior Support”

New Hanover County
Winner, Castle Hayne Elementary:  “Nonfiction Books for Kids Who Love Learning”
Pawlowski, Snipes Academy of Arts and Design:  “Mindful Movement in Third Grade”
Menzies, Snipes Academy of Arts and Design:  “Snipes Academy Star-Trepeneurs”
Willis, Snipes Academy of Arts and Design:  “STARBUCKS—PBIS Store”
Wheeler, Wrightsboro Elementary:  “Hooking Readers through High Interest Text”
Sherman, Rachel Freeman School of Engineering:  “E>MC Squared—Empower>Makers to Collaborate and Create”
Leary, Sunset Park Elementary:  “Multiplication Magic”
Secco, Sunset Park Elementary:  “Exploring our Solar System”
Burrows, Sunset Park Elementary:  “STEM Activities in First Grade”
McNeil, Sunset Park Elementary:  “Seesawing our Way to 21st Century Success”
Land, Mary Williams Elementary:  “Cultural Awareness”
Grover, Mary Williams Elementary:  “Math Station for Accelerated and Enriched Instruction”
Huestis, Mary Williams Elementary:  “Huestis Multi-sensory Reading Materials”
Gaukler, Mary Williams Elementary:  “Meaningful Incentives to Promote Kindness, Reduce Bullying and Encourage Positive/Confident Thinking
Mauceri, Mary Williams Elementary:  “Laptops for Google Classroom”
Pavlick, Mary Williams Elementary:  “Multisensory Education for Students with Disabilities”
Langevin, Mary Williams Elementary:  “Focusing on Phonics (with a little Fun)”
Zatt, Sunset Park Elementary:  “Create and Innovate with Technology”
Amorelli, Sunset Park Elementary:  “Sunset Park PBIS Fund”
Moore, Winter Park Elementary:  “Collection Development—Linking Libraries to Classroom Learning”
Thomas, Snipes Academy of Arts and Design:  “Yes, I Can Read”
Gehron, Sunset Park Elementary:  “STEAM Powered Learning”
Prey, Alderman Elementary:  “Incorporating Writing and Social Studies into Art”
Quindlen, Alderman Elementary:  “Boys’ Book Club”
Shumate, Alderman Elementary:  “Shumate’s Super Readers”
Ward, Alderman Elementary:  “Water Bottle Refilling Station 2”
Williams, Alderman Elementary:  “Reading Is Fundamental”
Smythe, Snipes Academy of Arts and Design:  “Student Fitness Challenge”
Brown, Rachel Freeman School of Engineering:  “Student Fitness Challenge”
Kornegay, Mary Williams Elementary:  “Student Fitness Challenge”
Frieberg, Sunset Park Elementary:  “Student Fitness Challenge”
Stoddard, Winter Park Elementary:  “Winter Park Elementary 2020 Spring Musical”
Keding, Castle Hayne Elementary:  “Flexible Seating for All”
Taverna, Snipes Academy of Arts and Design:  “Project Osmo”
Hicks, Snipes Academy of Arts and Design:  “Empowering Students, Embracing Diversity”
Hovis, College Park Elementary:  “Calm Down Corner”
Nava and Christ, College Park Elementary:  “Book Nook”
Simon, Snipes Academy of Arts and Design:  “Windows and Mirrors:  Remodeling A Classroom Library for Diversity”
DeVoid, Rachel Freeman School of Engineering:  “The Book Whisperer”
Rickey, Rachel Freeman School of Engineering:  “Robot Launchers”
Smith and Haines, Rachel Freeman School of Engineering:  “Flexible Seating for Third Grade”
Simimon, Rachel Freeman School of Engineering:  “Comfort in the Classroom”

Pender County
Perry, Burgaw Elementary School:  “Ms. Perry’s Classroom Library”
Bolin, Burgaw Elementary School:  “How Can We Have a Yearbook without a Camera?”
Butteny, Burgaw Elementary School:  “Links to Learning for STEAM Enrichment and Exploration”
Thompson, Burgaw Elementary School:  “Building Social Emotional Learning through Play”
Graham, Burgaw Elementary School:  “Encouraging Creativity and Creating Critical Thinkers”
Insco, Burgaw Elementary School:  “BrainPop the ELL Classroom!”
Oxendine, Cape Fear Elementary School:  “Performing at New Heights”
Taylor, Cape Fear Elementary School:  “Full STEAM Ahead—Building a Global Citizen”
Garcia, Hartzell, Overby and Bass, Cape Fear Elementary School:  “Super Science Stuff for Fourth Grade”
Wirszyla, Cape Fear Elementary School:  “RECESS—Recess Equipment for Classrooms to Expand Student Skills”
Huckaby, Cape Fear Elementary School:  “Creative Cubs!”
Younginer, Cape Fear Elementary School:  “Social Emotional Therapy for Emotional Disabled Students”
Pierson and Cipicchio, Rocky Point Elementary School:  “Power of Cross-Curricular Learning:
Wood, Rocky Point Elementary School:  “iPads for Instruction”
Roney, Rocky Point Elementary School:  “Classroom Library Resources”
McFadden, Rocky Point Elementary School:  “Learn to Read/Read to Learn”
Perkins, Rocky Point Elementary School:  “Bringing Learning to Life”
Perkins and Gales, Rocky Point Elementary School:  “Spiral Back”

Seales/Snipes Academy of Arts and Design – The Dribbling All Stars Perform

Children get a close-up look at little creatures from the North Carolina Aquarium.

Students planted a beautiful garden for all to see on the school property.

Children with disabilities learn through special programs using an iPad

  “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!! What a wonderful blessing to our team. Thank you for this amazing opportunity for our students and school.”

Cait Rosander, School Counselor

Applications are submitted to Assistance League of Greater Wilmington in October and projects are selected in November. To get more information on Links to Learning, contact us at:

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