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Links to Learning provides awards to New Hanover, Brunswick and Pender county elementary school educators to enhance curriculum and stimulate creative thought in a variety of settings. These awards will enable educators to enrich classroom and extracurricular activities and develop new approaches to learning.

See award winners below.

Educators at any of the schools served by our Operation School Bell® program are invited to apply for an award. To access the 2019-2020 application forms (Guidelines, Cover Page, Application Questions, Evaluation and Financial Reports), please click on the link below.

The deadline for applications is 4:00 p.m. Friday, October 25, 2019.


Guidelines for Applying for an Award
Application Cover Page
Application Questions
Project Evaluation Form
Financial Report

Assistance League Makes Awards to Educators for 59 Projects Through Its Links to Learning Program

Assistance League of Greater Wilmington awarded 63 educators for 59 projects in New Hanover, Brunswick and Pender Counties, totaling more than $41,000 through its Links to Learning Program for the 2018-2019 school year.  The awards allow educators to enrich and expand classroom and extracurricular activities and/or develop new or different approaches to teaching that will stimulate creative thought.  Over 11,100 students benefited from these projects.

Assistance League of Greater Wilmington is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization that is transforming lives and strengthening community through its philanthropic programs that serve the Greater Wilmington Area.  The Links to Learning Program is in its seventh year, and Assistance League has now contributed over $156,000 to local schools through this program.

The grant award winners for 2018-2019 are:

Brunswick County
Howerton, Supply Elementary:  “North Carolina Science Olympiad”
Lombardi, Supply Elementary:  “Teaching Our Future to Love Reading”
Meyer and Kaynan, Belville Elementary:  “Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support”
Smith, Leland Middle School:  “ESL Learning Lab”
Long, Leland Middle School:  “The Power of One Verse”
Malo, Leland Middle School:  “Using Multimedia to Teach Character Education”
Neville, Lincoln Elementary:  “Supporting STEM-Powered Families and the Science Olympiad Team of Lincoln Elementary”
Schmidt, Bolivia Elementary:  “Hands-On Means Minds-On”
Dancy, Belville Elementary:  “Cooking to Learn:  A Collaborative Cooking Project to Enhance Leadership and Community Life”
Caddell, Lincoln Elementary:  “Sparking Interest in Learning”
Morgan, Town Creek:  “Reading after the Rain:  Help Purchase Reading Materials for Exceptional Learners”

New Hanover County
Shumate, Alderman:  “Weather Tools for Young Meteorologists”
Stoddard, Winter Park:  “Winter Park Spring Musical”
Rickey, Rachel Freeman:  “Picture Book Engineering”
Herstine, Castle Hayne Elementary:  “Kinesthetic Collaborators”
Winner, Castle Hayne Elementary:  “Instilling a Love for Learning”
Holloway, Wrightsboro Elementary:  “Yoga to Increase Student Achievement”
Turner, Alderman:  “Google Classroom”
Wheeler, Wrightsboro Elementary:  “Building a Solid Foundation in Reading”
Hudson, Snipes:  “Increasing Engagement with Osmo Explorer”
Gehron, Sunset Park:  “Playground Story Walk”
Ward, Alderman:  “Water Bottle Refilling Station – H2O and Go!”
Charles, Castle Hayne Elementary:  “Classroom Ukuleles”
Secco, Sunset Park:  “Weather Wonders”
Pavlick, Mary Williams:  “Cars and Stars Reading for Special Education”
Swiger, Mary Williams:  “Only One You”
Luce, Mary Williams:  “Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About”
Langevin, Land and Watters, Mary Williams:  “Rigorous Read Alouds”
Grover, Mary Williams:  “Creating a Lifelong reader Through Chapter Book Studies”
Gaukler, Mary Williams:  “Microphones for Drama Club”
Koslowitz, GLOW:  “Chrome Books for Trans Math (research based instruction)”
Jones, GLOW:  “Encouraging Students to Practice Sustained Independent Reading”
Wade, GLOW:  “Integration of Technology for English Language Learners”
Quindlen, Alderman:  “The Best of NC!”
Moore, Winter Park:  “Collection Development – Filling in Some ‘Series-ous’ Gaps”
Minnear, Forest Hills Global Elementary:  “Lego We Do Robotics, Go! Go! Go!”
McFall, Sunset Park:  “Audio System for Sunset Park Elementary”
McCoy, International School at Gregory:  “Anxiety Reduction Resources for Kids”

Pender County
Wirszyla, Cape Fear Elementary:  “Field Day Fun”
Hulsey, Cape Fear Middle School:  “What’s the Matter?”
Judy, West Pender Middle School:  “Building Our Program:  Instrument Repair”
Bowman, Burgaw Elementary:  “Reading Center for Increasing Student Achievement and Fostering the Love of Reading a Good Book”
Graham, Burgaw Elementary:  “Growing Actively Engaged Readers”
Buttery, Burgaw Elementary:  “Links to Learning using Legos for STEM and ELA Enrichment and Exploration”
Perry, Burgaw Elementary:  “iPad Cases for Kinders”
Wilkins, West Pender Middle School:  “Ear Buds – STEM Expedition”
Armstrong, West Pender Middle School:  “Running Club”
Huckaby, Cape Fear Middle School:  “Authentic Art Making”
Radcliff, Cape Fear Elementary:  “Soaring with Science”
Kirkland, Cape Fear Elementary:  “Cape Fear Music”
Taylor, Cape Fear Elementary:  “STEAMtastic Full STEAM Ahead”
McFadden, Rocky Point:  “Learn to Read/Read to Learn”
Pierson, Rocky Point:  “Read, Write, Math”
Roney and Daniels, Rocky Point:  “Literacy Resources for Students and their Families”
Daugherty, Cape Fear Middle School:  “Makerspace Starter Kit”
Hoover, Cape Fear Middle School:  “Cape Fear Middle School Flyers”
Cain, Cape Fear Elementary School:  “Escape from Class!”
Rogers, Cape Fear Elementary School:  “Celebration for All”
Perkins, Rocky Point:  “Bridging Math and Kinesthetic Learners”

The award winners for 2017-2018 are:

Assistance League of Greater Wilmington awarded 63 educators for 45 projects in New Hanover, Brunswick and Pender Counties, totaling more than $35,000 through its Links to Learning Program for the 2017-2018 school year.

Wirszyla and Younginer /Cape Fear Elementary School:  “Our Cup Runeth Over”
Holoway/Wrightsboro Elementary School:  “Wrightsboro Elementary Think Lab”
Czombos, Colagerakis and Hostetler/Castle Hayne Elementary:  “First Flexible Learning Labs!”
Woodard/North Topsail Elementary:  “Literacy Learning Centers”
Clark and Schmidt/Bolivia Elementary:  “Focusing on Leadership through a Lens”
Strother/North Topsail Elementary:  “Kindergarten Math”
Winner/Castle Hayne Elementary:  “Non Fiction to Grow Young Minds”
Caddell/Lincoln Elementary:  “Weeding for Reading:  Lincoln’s Library Sprouts”
Maguire/Williston Middle School:  “Podcasting in the Classroom”
Pridgen, Wortman, Edwards, Fulbright, Martin and Clark/North Topsail Elementary:  “Wanted:  Rekenreks! The Missing Tool”
Knoerzer/West Pender Middle School:  “Expanding Makerspace with STEM Activities”
Radcliff/Cape Fear Elementary School:  “Sustainability of the CFES Science Olympiad Program”
McFadden and Bethell/Rocky Point Elementary:  “Raming in Learning”
Kunhardt, Allder and Black/Rocky Point Elementary:  “Third Grade Science and Social Studies Books”
Bogan, Krynicki and Obremski/Rocky Point Elementary:  “Dancing through Kindergarten”
Harrell/Rocky Point Elementary:  “Boys Night Out and Cinderella Ball”
Barras/Rocky Point Elementary:  “SS Rams Zoo”
Smith/Rocky Point Elementary:  “Time to Learn a Focus on Focus”
Veit/Williston Middle School:  “Strategic Adolescent Reading Intervention”
Townsend/Williston Middle School:  “Strategic Adolescent Reading Intervention”
Long/Leland Middle School:  “Overcoming Adversity:  A Global Perspective”
Scott/ D.C. Virgo: “Lights, Camera, Action in History”
Gehron/Sunset Park: “STEAM Powered Learning”
Glenn/Castle Hayne: “Robotics at the Castle”
Moore/Winter Park:  “Nonfiction Matters”
Booher and Williams/Alderman:  “Building Foundations with Fundations”
Tayloe/Alderman: “Extracurricular and Academic Clubs at Alderman”
Quindlen/Alderman: “Alderman’s Awesome Authors”
Thompson/Burgaw Elementary:  “Links to Learning Using Lego Walls”
Throckmorton/West Pender Middle School:  “Aquarium Field Trip”
Loesch/West Pender Middle School:  “PBIS Store”
Cleary and Huyett/Lincoln Elementary:  “Families in STEM at Lincoln Elementary”
Black/Cedar Grove Middle:  “Ukulele Class”
Seco/Sunset Park: “Exploring Weather through Weather Wonders”
Dellinger/Snipes Academy: “Snipes Academy Children’s Theatre”
Cassidy/Sunset Park: “Raindrop Journey and Noise Reduction for Increased Focus”
Jones/North Topsail Elementary:  “Ecological Marine Adventures”
Dick/North Topsail Elementary:  “Enriching our Curriculum”
Thomas and Willis/Snipes Academy:  “Intersession STEAM Camp”
Majeski/GLOW: “Summer Reading Books for Rising 8th Graders”
Gammel/GLOW: “Exceptional Education Sensory Needs”
Adams/GLOW: “Time for Kids”
Jenkins/GLOW: “Counseling”
Jones/GLOW: “Scholastic  News”
Edge/Town Creek: “Computer Science Initiative”

The award winners for 2016-2017 were:

Woodard/North Topsail, Math Station Learning Center Kits
Wirszyla/Cape Fear Elementary, SHAPE-LESS: Part two—Student Healthy Activities in Physical Education
Terzaken/Lincoln, The Garden at Lincoln Elementary
Holloway/Wrightsboro, Wrightsboro Elementary Think Lab
Moore/Winter Park, Collection Development—Filling in Some “Series-ous” Gaps
Donnelly, Bloodworth, Umpress/ Burgaw Elementary, Building a Bi-Lingual Bridge to Literacy
Cleary, Huyett/Lincoln, Science Olympiad Team
Full/North Topsail, Classroom I-Pad
Vance/Town Creek, Fifth Grade Examines Global Issues
Cox, Holden/Town Creek, Supporting 21st Century Learners
Morgan/Town Creek, Wanted: Exceptional Tools for Exceptional Learners
Constantinou/Gregory, #Kindness Matters
Lawson/Gregory, Sphero Robot Project
Cleary/Castle Hayne, Math/Art Geometric String Art Sculpture
Charles/Castle Hayne, Classroom Keyboards
Miller/Castle Hayne, Learning to Love Literature!
DesMarais/Castle Hayne, Lego “More to Math” Sets for 1st and 2nd Grade Math Students
Cassidy/Sunset Park, Brain Boosters—Brain, Pop, Jr/ESL
Redmond/Sunset Park, IPads: Collaboration and Individual Learning Come to Life
Shufford, Rogers/D.C. Virgo, Makerspace and Science Fair
Myslow/West Pender, Show Your Strengths
Rovnak/West Pender, Science Is a Sport
Armstrong/West Pender, Enriched Learning Environment
Tucci/West Pender, A Flair for the Dramatics
Judy/West Pender, Learning Culture through Guitar
Leggett/Alderman, Growing Great Readers!
Rickey/Freeman, Simple Machines Lego Project
Moran/Snipes, Snipes Academy Dribbling All Stars
Taverna/Snipes, Lyrics 2 Learn and Matific
Kausak/Snipes, Open Access to Technology Using Kindle Fire
Forbes/Snipes, Full Steam Ahead
Yadlosky/Snipes, Teach Town Basics: Making Learning Fun for All
Seales/Snipes, Snipes Makeover: Library Edition
Dellinger/Snipes, Theatre/Broadcast Enhancement
Mortensen/Snipes, Fourth Grade Support
Hess/Freeman, Independent Tasks
Cuellar/Williston, Williston Middle School Spring Musical
Davis, Grier, Long/West Pender, Bringing Picture Books Back to Life
Clark, Schmidt/Bolivia, Bolivia Bears Don’t Hibernate, They Activate!
Kunhardt/Rocky Point, Guided Reading with High Interest Books!
Harrell/Rocky Point, Celebrating Good Choices and Character Development
Allder/Rocky Point, Math Stories for Third Grade
Bogan, Obremski, Krynicki/Rocky Point, Feeling the Right to Write
Gehron/Sunset Park, Read Box
Leary/Sunset Park, Developing Math Skills and Relevancy through Literacy
Honaker/Gregory, Vamos! Books to Help Bilingualism and Biliteracy!

Awards for 2015-2016

Assistance League of Greater Wilmington awarded 50 educators for 37 projects in New Hanover, Brunswick and Pender Counties totaling more than $25,000 through its Links to Learning program for the 2015-2016 school year. The awards allow educators to enrich and expand classroom and extracurricular activities and/or develop new or different approaches to teaching that will stimulate creative thought.

Seales/Snipes Academy of Arts and Design – The Dribbling All Stars Perform

Children get a close-up look at little creatures from the North Carolina Aquarium.

Students planted a beautiful garden for all to see on the school property.

Children with disabilities learn through special programs using an iPad

Awards for 2014-2015
Assistance League of Greater Wilmington awarded 26 educators in New Hanover, Brunswick and Pender Counties more than $15,000 through its Links to Learning program. The awards allow educators to enrich and expand classroom and extracurricular activities and/or develop new or different approaches to teaching that will stimulate creative thought.

Awards for 2013-2014
Total amount funded: $6,055
Total number of students to be benefited: 2,798

Applications are submitted to Assistance League of Greater Wilmington in October and projects are selected in November. To get more information on Links to Learning, contact us at:

  “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!! What a wonderful blessing to our team. Thank you for this amazing opportunity for our students and school.”

Cait Rosander, School Counselor