Our Seniors Bring Us Joy

Operation Seniors provides social activities which promote healthy and amiable lifestyles for seniors in the community.

AHEPA and Leland House Seniors

Operation Seniors provides social activities, outings and companionship at two different facilities:

AHEPA are low income apartments that we connect with 4 times a year. Each visit we touch the lives of 20 to 27 residents. We do various activities throughout the year: the United Daughters of the Confederacy talked about the role of women during the Civil War; we had a travelog to Scotland and Ireland along with an ice cream social; we do outings to various places around the area; we have provided pizza lunch and trivia contests. We also have an annual Christmas party and cookies swap with Slightly Off Key Stringalongs playing Christmas carols, and we provide a gift for each resident in attendance.

LELAND HOUSE is an assisted living facility where we do Bingo once a month for an average of 20 per month. We provided grapevine wreaths for the residents’ doors which they can decorate for each holiday and adds a more homey look to the facility. We planted flowers and herbs in the courtyards and provided wooden benches for the residents to sit and enjoy. We participated in their Christmas Angel Tree which are gifts for the residents. We also provided a treat bag full of candy and cookies for each resident for their Christmas party. There are 60 residents at this facility.


Leland House Assisted Living and Memory Care posted this on their Facebook page.
“A HUGE shout out to the Assistance League of Greater Wilmington for coming and planting flowers and veggies with our friends.”

Cookies and Crafts always bring smiles from our seniors.

Sometimes when the Slightly Off Key Stringalongs perform, the residents like to dance.

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

In  2008, when Assistance League of Greater Wilmington was just being formed, the charter members wanted to “roll out” an Operation School Bell project to help acquaint the community with the philanthropic intent of Assistance League. It was decided that the Grandparent Support Network, a diverse group of grandparents raising their grandchildren, would be an excellent option. The grandchildren came from a number of different schools and all met the criteria established for our program. It was not only a very successful beginning for Operation School Bell, it was also the beginning of the relationship between Assistance League of Greater Wilmington and the grandparents themselves.

In 2010, our members wanted to recognize and honor these grandparents for their dedication and willingness to raise their grandchildren, a 24/7 responsibility. A decision was made to sponsor a holiday appreciation dinner for these grandparents. Our volunteers created a restaurant atmosphere, prepared all of the food and served dinner to the grandparents.  Some of the grandparents stated that it was the first time they had ever been served dinner!

Operation School Bell has now expanded into many of our community schools, and it covers the grandchildren who qualify for this program.  Operation School Bell and sponsoring a variety of activities for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren continue to be important components of our philanthropic programs.  Such events have included: a trip to Airlie Gardens; an historic trolley ride; a boat trip down the Cape Fear River and a holiday dinner.  Our chapter looks forward to our continuing involvement with the Grandparent Support Network, an involvement that has created many lasting relationships.

“You will never know how much you have helped. I just want you to know I really do appreciate everything. And once again, thank you so much.

Evelena McLaurin

“Thank you for being a blessing to my grandson and I. We appreciate everything that was donated to my family. May you all continue to be a blessing to others. There are definitely stars in your crowns.”

Ginger Lee and NyQuari White

“Thank you so much for sharing your time and travels and smiles with us… and the goodies. I’ve enjoyed every minute of my association with you and look forward to every month. The exercise is great!”

God Bless Lee