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eLearning Board Training Modules

Fiduciary Duties

Every board member needs to understand what is expected of them – the Duty of Care, the Duty of Obedience and the Duty of Loyalty.
(View time:  11 minutes)

Member Rights and Parliamentary Process

Procedure for reaching valid decisions by committees, board and membership that protect the rights of your members.
(View time:  10 minutes)

Strategic Priorities

Learn to utilize strategic priorities in creating a positive chapter culture shaped by mission, vision and clear values.
(View time:  10 minutes)

Finance for Board Members

Intimidated by finance reports?  This module explains the basic financial reponsibilities of Board members.
(View time:  16 minutes)

Risk Management

Learn how to create a strategy to identify and manage risk affecting your chapter’s people, property and programs.
(View time:  10 minutes)

Effective Boards

Practical strategies to strengthen your performance as a board member and your board as a team.
(View time:  12 minutes)

National Organization

Learn how the national organization is building effective chapters nationwide through education, inspiration and support.
(View time:  4 minutes)

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