Mission, Vision and Core Values

Charlotte Chapter-Event
National Operation School Bell award presented to Chris Schroeder Fain (L) by Joan Craig (R) , at Assistance League of Bend's Annual meeting on May 5th, 2015
ational Conference 2013
Arcadia Chapter Operation School Bell Shopping Event


Building effective chapters nationwide through education, inspiration and support.


Successful chapters in every community.


  • Commitment

    We believe that providing compassionate and caring services to individuals in communities across the nation is the standard and the primary measure of our organization.  We believe we exist for the sole purpose of providing philanthropic services to meet the challenges posed by a diverse array of compelling individual and community needs.

  • Leadership

    We believe that the full measure of our leaders and members is the sum of the products of their vision, professionalism, ethics, sensitivity and the quality of responsiveness to individual needs.

  • Ethics

    We believe that integrity and authenticity in communication and action best demonstrate the most basic, intrinsic values held by member volunteers of this organization.

  • Accountability

    We believe that full accountability is the responsibility of our leaders and members, and is an appropriate expectation of this organization by those who support Assistance League’s work and those who receive its services. We believe that this responsibility demands and drives prudent fiscal and physical management, transparent internal and external relationships, viable program assessment and reasoned evaluation of personnel and organizational performance.

  • Respect

    We believe in the intrinsic value of those we serve and of those with whom we serve. We believe that we can best demonstrate our respect for this value by providing fair and equitable treatment for our member and community volunteers, the recipients of our services and our donors and funders.