Board of Directors and Staff

National Board Roster 2019-2020

Kathy Darwin     
National President

Linda Rowland 
Vice President Corporate Finance

Sandy Ross     
Vice President Chapter Services

Phyllis Campbell    
Vice President Corporate Marketing
Linda Moeller   
Pat Reinier     
Vice President Governance

Cherie Kassinger     

Leticia Plummer    
Vice President Membership
Gail Winterfeld     
Vice President Administration
Ann Whittaker     
Vice President Philanthropic Programs
Annette Anderson     
Vice President Bylaws
Gail Winterfeld     
Chairman Strategic Planning
Sharon Hicks     
Vice President Chapter Finance
Nancy Friedel     
Vice President Technology
Andrea Goodman       
Vice President Conference Administration

Presidential Appointees

Karen Menz     
Review Chairman

Karen Menz     

Committee Appointive Chairmen

Sharon Vars   
Brand Specialist

Cherie Kassinger    
Corporate Website Administrator/Website Password Help

Janice Smith     
Operation School Bell Award Coordinator


Matt Zarcufsky     
Executive Director

Veronika Pitross     
Business Operations Manager

 Shay Davis     
Salesforce Administrator

 Kim Visokey     
Events & Office Coordinator

 Stacey Lewis     
Administrative Analyst

Sonya Steele     
Executive/Communications Associate