Board of Directors and Staff

National Board Roster 2016-2017

Anita Friesen    
National President

Liz Knutsen     

Jane Rosinski    
Vice President Chapter Services

Laura Farr    
Carol Vispo    
Vice President Administration
Annette Anderson     
Director of Bylaws
Cynthia Schaldenbrand    
Vice President Corporate Finance
Jackie Hamby     
Director of Chapter Formation
Becky Rasdall    
Vice President Educational Development
Margery Hayward    
Director of Finance
Phyllis Campbell    
Vice President Fund Development
Sandy Ross    
Director of Membership
Maureen Smith    
Vice President Marketing Communications
Kathy Darwin    
Director of Philanthropic Programs
Susan Dolan    
Vice President Strategic Planning
Pat Reinier    
Director of Resource Development
Nancy Friedel     
Director of Technology

Presidential Appointees

Cindy Brockway     
Review Chairman

Rosalind Hilton    
Investment Chairman

Karen Wilson    

Committee Appointive Chairmen

Terri Spice    
Brand Specialist

Cherie Kassinger    
Chapter Website Reviewer

Cherie Kassinger    
Corporate Website Administrator

Charlotte Rieder-Bolton    
Financial Compliance Review Chairman

Myra Fisher    
Operation School Bell Award Coordinator

National Office Hours: 7:30-4:30 PST

Our national office is located in Burbank, California      Phone: 818-846-3777