CONNECT2019 Session Presentations and Handouts

Thursday Sessions

Become an Influential Mission Ambassador
Sarah McNally

Behind the Face of Facebook
Kelly Fifield

Bench Strength: Building a Chapter’s Future Leadership
Yesmean Rihbany

Boost Your Emotional Intelligence
Judith Wright

Build Relationships Within and Beyond Your Chapter to Attract and Retain Members
Cheryl MoellerJill Housky

Connecting Members Counts
Diana Anderson

Demystifying Commercial Real Estate
Amy JohnsonSarah Longwell

Embrace Chapter Transformation by Thinking Big and Acting Bold
Jacki DavidoffLynette Morris

Engaging Your Community Through Grant Writing
Tamela Spicer

Feminine Leadership Advantage
Judith Wright

Fundraising Strategies that Connect Community
Tamela Spicer

Growth in the Area of Philanthropic Programs
Barbara Glick

Marketing Your Chapter in Today’s Nonprofit Climate
Dawne Wright

Meet Alaska and Landon: Assistance League of Albuquerque’s Secret Weapons
Mary KenneySusie Biggs

Member Rights—Encouraging Member Involvement
Annette Anderson

Plan to Plan
Ann Whittaker

Social Media Strategy
Wendi Forrest

U.S. Bank Wealth Management Presents–Think Big: Elevate Your Impact with Charitable Giving
Daniel Harris

Website Strategies for Successful Fundraising
Cherie KassingerNancy Friedel

What Makes You Tick-And What Ticks You Off
Nancy Gaston

Thursday Workshops

Friday Workshops

Friday Sessions

Advertising for Members
Phyllis Campbell

Applying Thinking Big and Being Bold to Transform the Girl Scouts of NE Kansas & NW Missouri
Joy Wheeler

Assess your Cultural Competence and Connect with Everyone
Sharon Ivy

Big and Bold Resale Shops
Amy Johnson

Building and Using Community Networks
Maryann Edwards

Empower Yourself and Ignite Your Chapter!
Gina Geldbach-Hall

Expand Operation School Bell® with Community Connections: Happy Feet, Happy Kids
Mary Kenney

Explore Community Opportunities to Develop New Philanthropic Programs
Cordell ThomasDorcas Shaktman

Forming a New Generation Committee
Hailey SwansonMary Thalgott

Looking In to Reach Out
Kelly Rawlings

Meet Alaska and Landon: Assistance League of Albuquerque’s Secret Weapons (See Thursday)
Mary KenneySusie Biggs

Member Rights—Encouraging Member Involvement (See Thursday)
Annette Anderson

Nonprofit Trends and Best Practices
Jean Block

Roadmap to the Future: Creating a Social Media Plan
Stacey Lewis

Self-Aware Leadership
Nancy Endress

Teaching to Learn, Learning to Teach
Anne Segal

The Art of Managing Personalities
Kris Abbey

To Infinity and Beyond! Discover Chapter Hub in a New Way
Shay Davis

U.S. Bank Wealth Management Presents–Be Bold: Embrace Your Financial Well Being
Lisa EricksonPamela Dawson

YouTube 101: Using YouTube to Strengthen Your Social Media Reach
Stephanie Clinton