CONNECT2019 Sessions by Learning Objective

Make a Name for Yourself

Understand and leverage your individual and chapter connections through in-person and digital networks. Participants will develop their abilities to leverage personal and chapter networks to advance the mission of Assistance League.

  • Thursday, Workshop Session #1, Become an Influential Mission Ambassador
  • Thursday, Workshop Session #2, Social Media Strategy
  • Thursday, Workshop Session #3, The Face Behind Facebook
  • Friday, Workshop Session #4, YouTube 101 – Using YouTube to Strengthen your Social Media Reach
  • Friday, Workshop Session #5, Social Media Isn’t Just Facebook
  • Friday, Workshop Session #6, Roadmap to the Future: Creating a Social Media Plan

Connect the Dots to Improve Chapter Management

Improve your chapter operations by understanding best practices and leading innovations from inside and outside Assistance League.

  • Thursday, Workshop Session #1, Marketing Your Chapter in Today’s Nonprofit Climate
  • Thursday, Workshop Session #2, Plan to Plan
  • Thursday, Workshop Session #3, Website Strategies for Successful Fundraising
  • Thursday, Workshop Session #3, Demystifying Commercial Real Estate
  • Friday, Workshop Session #4, To Infinity and Beyond! Discover Chapter Hub in a New Way
  • Friday, Workshop Session #5, Information about Resale Shops at Your Fingertips
  • Friday, Workshop Session #5, Looking In to Reach Out
  • Friday, Workshop Session #6, Member Rights–Encouraging Member Involvement

Make the Membership Connection

Explore and learn to use tools across all sectors to understand and address barriers to membership growth, retention, and the development of future leaders.

  • Thursday, Workshop Session #1, Bench Strength: Building Your Chapter’s Future Leadership
  • Thursday, Workshop Session #2, Meet Alaska & Landon, Assistance League of Albuquerque’s Secret Weapons
  • Thursday, Workshop Session #3, Connecting Members Count
  • Friday, Workshop Session #4, Marketing: Membership Advertising
  • Friday, Workshop Session #5, Assess your Cultural Competence and Connect with Everyone
  • Friday, Workshop Session #6, Forming a New Generation Committee

Connect to Your Potential

Develop your potential as a change agent and leader in your personal, professional and Assistance League lives. Recognize and develop your individual leadership skills to effectively serve your chapter and your community.

  • Thursday, Workshop Session #1, Embrace Chapter Transformation by Thinking Big and Acting Bold
  • Thursday, Workshop Session #1, Boost Your Emotional Intelligence
  • Thursday, Workshop Session #2, Think Big: Elevate Your Impact with Charitable Giving
  • Thursday, Workshop Session #3, What Makes You Tick–And What Ticks You Off
  • Thursday, Workshop Session #3, Feminine Leadership in the Modern Workplace
  • Friday, Workshop Session #4, Self-Aware Leadership
  • Friday, Workshop Session #4, Be Bold: Embrace Your Financial Well-Being
  • Friday, Workshop Session #5, The Art of Managing Personalities
  • Friday, Workshop Session #6, Empower Yourself and Ignite Your Chapter!
  • Friday, Workshop Session #6, Teaching to Learn; Learning to Teach

Community Connections: Discover Opportunities

Learn to accurately assess and effectively address community needs through nonprofit sector best practices. Learn to use resources within your local environment to respond to community needs.

  • Thursday, Workshop Session #1, Build Relationships Within Your Chapter and Beyond Your Chapter to Attract and Retain Members
  • Thursday, Workshop Session #2, Grant Writing: Step-by-Step Practices to Writing Powerful Grant Proposals
  • Thursday, Workshop Session #2, Growth in the Areas of Philanthropic Programs
  • Thursday, Workshop Session #3, Understand the Fundraising Landscape to Advance your Fund Development Strategy
  • Friday, Workshop Session #4, Nonprofit Trends and Best Practices
  • Friday, Workshop Session #4, Expand Operation School Bell® with Community Connections: Happy Feet, Happy Kids
  • Friday, Workshop Session #5, Explore Community Opportunities to Develop New Philanthropic Programs
  • Friday, Workshop Session #5, Session with Maryann Edwards, National Advisory Council
  • Friday, Workshop Session #6, Applying Thinking Big and Being Bold to Transform the Girl Scouts of NE Kansas & NW Missouri