Fun at the Thrift Shop!

My experiences in Thrift have really exceeded my expectations. As a mom of a 7th grade Assisteen, we were new to everything this year and we weren’t sure what it would be like to volunteer in thrift. I have to say that I’m actually glad I accompanied my daughter, Sadie, to do her hours whether it was just the two of us, or with friends. I was able to see how the different areas of Assistance League work together (e.g. Al’s Closet & Thrift), and how everyone there is really just working toward the greater good of the community. We have met amazing people along the way and everyone is always super sweet and happy to help. Whether it was working in the pit, on the floor, during the holiday boutique or when the store was closed, we have always walked away saying “that was fun”. For my daughter, it went from being something she had to do to get hours before we started, to something she now enjoys to do. She has learned about merchandising, organizing, and seeing the process from donation to putting it on the floor for someone to purchase. Most importantly she now understands that we’re not just “getting hours at the thrift store”, we’re helping Assistance League provide a special resource for our community. (Pam and Sadie Lopez pictured)

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