Seniors R & R

One Tuesday of each month, Assistance League of Norman members play bingo and provide a social time for clients of Full Circle Life Enrichment Center. Full Circle is a non-profit organization that provides daily adult respite care. Chapter members provide bingo prizes and refreshments for the Full Circle clients.

Each Month We Play Bingo

We facilitate a bingo game for all members complete with prizes. Some months the game has a theme and you can be sure that on any given Tuesday the favorite prize is Sugar Free candy!

R&R bingo group

R&R Bingo child

In November the Seniors have their portraits made!

One of the most rewarding activities we provide is a formal portrait session for each Senior. Assistance League members primp and lovingly pose each Senior.   With the help of a local photographer who has donated her time, we give a framed portrait to each family as a Christmas gift. We have heard from many families that this is sometimes the last formal portrait they have of their loved one.  Just last year we were able to capture a couple who were about to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary.

Thank you Kalee Ridings Photography and those ladies who took time to make this a special day for the Seniors!

R&R makeup group

Seniors R&R is about more than bingo and photos. It’s about bringing dignity and gratefulness to a community of elders and gaining wisdom from their life experience.