New Members

Joining as a New Member is a fun and exciting way to make new friendships that last a lifetime while providing a helping hand to those in need! Our New Member class will begin in August. You learn about the programs and services of the chapter and will serve on the Holiday Home Tour committee alongside current members. New Members pay annual dues of $90 and are  required to purchase one Gala ticket.

New Members are expected to attend regular meetings, serve on Holiday Home Tour committee, work three shifts during May Fair Arts Festival,  and work four Operation School Bell® shifts during the year.

What is expected of a New Member?

  • Attend monthly Regular Meetings as well as New Member Training.
  • Participate in and support the philanthropic programs and fundraising events and activities.
  • Pay annual dues of $90 and purchase one Gala ticket.
  • Complete service requirements that include serving on the Holiday Home Tour committee and completing required shifts at Operation School Bell® and May Fair.
  • Vote on all decisions presented at Regular Meetings.




Associate Members

Associate members may join at any time during the year.  Associate members pay annual dues of $90 and have no other financial obligations. Use the New Member application form above.

Associate members have no volunteer hour obligations, but we do encourage our Associates to work at our May Fair Arts Festival or to sign up for a shift to clothe children at Operation School Bell®. Associate members are invited to our Annual Meeting and May Luncheon and the Annual Membership Party.

What is required of an Associate Member?

  • Pay dues of $90.
  • May attend monthly Regular Meetings, but cannot vote.
  • Encouraged to participate in and support philanthropic programs, fundraising events, and activities.
  • No meeting or service requirements
  • Invited to the Membership party and May Luncheon


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