It’s so hard to pay attention in school when other children are laughing at the way you dress in old, worn clothing.
The clothes don’t fit you. And you don’t fit in.
Your generosity helps children purchase new school clothes that are meant just for them.
So they fit well. No stains or ripped seams.



You want children to grow into strong leaders who will help develop and nurture your community. Providing students with the basic need of clothing helps propel them into a highly productive emotional level where they can focus their positive attention and energy on academic growth. You and your community benefit by encouraging children to grow into committed citizens and strong leaders.


“Nearly all of the kids that benefit from Operation School Bell find most of their clothes at garage sales. So when you let them shop for first-quality, cute, stylish clothes, it is a unique experience and one they treasure more than we probably understand. Those clothes are new, they fit, and they look great.” (Teacher)

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“I just wanted to take time to thank you all for all that you do. My family and I really appreciate everything from your time and support to your love and care that makes serving as an active duty member in the United States Military a little bit easier. I cannot thank you all enough. Just going through the lines with a person that helped me with getting supplies and clothes for my children meant so much to me and I cannot even fathom words to say that could express my gratitude… So on behalf of (names of five children), thank you and God bless you all.” (Military Father at Camp Pendleton)