Puppets Teach Life Lessons

Puppeteers use scripts, props and child-size puppets to perform for elementary school children. The scripts focus on personal safety and bullying, and the performances can be coordinated with the schools’ other approaches to these topics.

The primary purpose is to let children know that:

  • They are not alone
  • It is all right to talk to a trusted adult
  • They should be comfortable seeking guidance with these problems

Each year approximately 3,500 Greater Sacramento area students see these shows performed by our two- or three-person troupes:

Personal Safety provides an introduction to kindergarten children about fire safety measures and crucial safety information such as knowing emergency telephone numbers, knowing your own number and area code, and avoiding strangers.

Bullying “Rescue and Report” addresses ways that first- and second-grade children who witness teasing or bullying can solve the problem.

Bullying “You’re Not the Boss of Me” helps third- and fourth-grade children deal with bullying situations and suggests ways that children being bullied can handle the problem.

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