Assistance League of Salem-Keizer is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charitable corporation whose member volunteers administer programs and perform specific services to meet community needs. Funds raised by the chapter go directly back into the Salem-Keizer community.

Mission, Vision, Core Values and Goals


Assistance League of Salem-Keizer is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization that puts caring and commitment into action for the benefit of children and adults through community-based philanthropic programs


To be highly recognized in our community as a philanthropic organization that meets the changing needs of the greater Salem-Keizer area.


  • Collaborate:  Work collectively to create maximum results and sustainability.
  • Respect:  Affirm the intrinsic value of those we serve, and of those with whom we serve.
  • Serve:  Provide compassionate, caring services to individuals in Salem-Keizer as the primary purpose of our existence.
  • Welcome:  Be an inclusive organization, representative of our community demographics.


  • Seek and maintain a diverse, informed and committed volunteer/member base.
  • Align our philanthropic programs with community needs.
  • Promote the brand of Assistance League; increase public relations and community awareness through coordinated marketing.
  • Maximize resources, effectiveness and sustainability.


Recent Grants received by Assistance League of Salem-Keizer

The Assistance League of Salem-Keizer (ALS-K) has recently received three generous grants through The Salem Foundation. Founded in 1930 by Pioneer Trust Bank, The Salem Foundation provides oversight of charitable donations made by donors who want to make a difference locally. This oversight provides a flexible vehicle for donors to make an impact on local charities and causes. Grants provided to ALS-K through the Salem Foundation are the Larry and Jeanette Epping Family Foundation Fund, the George and Laura Kreitzberg Memorial Fund, and the Hitchman Foundation Fund.

The Assistance League of Salem-Keizer is a local non-profit whose member volunteers have administered community based philanthropic programs for over 60 years. Their mission is to bring positive change to those in need in our community, with a primary focus on the benefit of children in need due to poverty and homelessness. According to Salem-Keizer Public Schools data, 70% of the 42,200 students in the school district are economically disadvantaged. This equates to nearly 30,000 students who are living with and experiencing the effects of poverty. The Assistance League of Salem-Keizer wishes to thank the Salem Foundation for their generous support.

We are Grateful for our Major Donors and Grantors

  • Oregon Health Authority
  • Larry and Jeanette Epping Family Foundation
  • Hitchman Foundation
  • Willamette Health Council
  • Pioneer Trust Bank
  • Goodwill Industries of the Columbia Willamette
  • Compton Family Foundation
  • Herbert A. Templeton Foundation
  • G & L Kreitzberg Fund
  • Reser Family Foundation

Annual Report and Financials



2022-23 Board of Directors


Sally Beilstein


Sherri Frank


Laurel Langewalter


Sue Dorn

   Assistant Treasurer

Kathy Ellis-Kelemen

   Finance Chair

Toni Phipps

   Resource Development

Susan Carr and Kathy Moran

   Strategic Planning

Vickie Hilgemann


Chris Rhines


Pat Straughan


Jane Berry-Eddings


Kathy Sansone

Assistance League of Salem-Keizer 2021-2022 Advisory Council

Keith Bauer, Attorney

Jaqueline Benavides, Education

Ben Search, Insurance

Chris Veit, Architect Consultant

Benny Won, Banking/Investment Consultant

Diana Enright, Policy Analyst