Assistance League of Salem-Keizer is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charitable corporation whose member volunteers administer programs and perform specific services to meet community needs. Funds raised by the chapter go directly back into the Salem-Keizer community.

Assistance League Salem-Keizer currently sponsors 10 philanthropic programs, which we continue to enhance and expand to meet the needs of our community. These programs are funded entirely by donations, grants and proceeds from the Daue House Gift Shop and Encore Furnishings.

Assistance League Salem-Keizer is in the business of helping our neighbors in need. In 2021, our programs supported children and families of our community by providing a variety of essential items and services.

  • $329,462 dollars given back to our programs
  • 13,181 community members served in Salem-Keizer Community
  • 32,967 hours volunteered by our members



Assistance League Salem-Keizer is the # of 120 chapters of the National Assistance League – the first non profit, non sectarian organization dedicated to assisting the less fortunate in their direct communities.  Our local story began in 1962, when a group of local women banded together to form the Assistance League Salem-Keizer.  Meetings were first held at personal homes, local eateries and at the historic Daue House where the Assistance League Gift Shop continues to thrive today.

Over the years, the Assistance League Salem-Keizer has hosted a variety of fundraising events and activities.  Some of the most well-known were the Salem-Keizer Cooks Tour and the Lasagna Lunch, which were both held annually until the pandemic of 2020.  In October 2022, we held our first fundraising event since the pandemic at the Brothers Car Museum in Salem. The museum is private collection of more than 600 cars on display in a warehouse turned museum that is not open to the public. Other seasonal fundraising events occur regularly throughout the year from jewelry sales and specialty art sales to holiday open houses featuring beautiful decor and homemade goodies made by the talented chapter members.


Alexander Daue House History

This large two and one-half story Craftsman Bungalow was built in 1907-08 for Alexander Daue by his brother Louis S. Daue. The house has a raised veranda on the north side.

Louis S. Daue was listed as the architect of the house but if he was truly an architect, this is the only house in Oregon that he designed. His brother Alexander moved to Salem in 1891. Together the brothers formed a partnership selling groceries, crockery, clothing, glassware and other goods.

The house remained in the Daue family for at least 70 years. Today it hosts an antique and gift shop for the benefit of the Assistance League of Salem.


Recent Grants received by Assistance League of Salem-Keizer

The Assistance League of Salem-Keizer (ALS-K) has recently received three generous grants through The Salem Foundation. Founded in 1930 by Pioneer Trust Bank, The Salem Foundation provides oversight of charitable donations made by donors who want to make a difference locally. This oversight provides a flexible vehicle for donors to make an impact on local charities and causes. Grants provided to ALS-K through the Salem Foundation are the Larry and Jeanette Epping Family Foundation Fund, the George and Laura Kreitzberg Memorial Fund, and the Hitchman Foundation Fund.

The Assistance League of Salem-Keizer is a local non-profit whose member volunteers have administered community based philanthropic programs for over 60 years. Their mission is to bring positive change to those in need in our community, with a primary focus on the benefit of children in need due to poverty and homelessness. According to Salem-Keizer Public Schools data, 70% of the 42,200 students in the school district are economically disadvantaged. This equates to nearly 30,000 students who are living with and experiencing the effects of poverty. The Assistance League of Salem-Keizer wishes to thank the Salem Foundation for their generous support.

We are Grateful for our Major Donors and Grantors

  • Marion County Facilities Management
  • Oregon Community Foundation
  • Larry and Jeanette Epping Family Foundation
  • Joseph E. Weston Public Foundation
  • First Interstate Bank
  • Pioneer Trust Bank
  • Goodwill Industries of the Columbia Willamette
  • Compton Family Foundation
  • Herbert A. Templeton Foundation
  • G & L Kreitzberg Fund
  • Reser Family Foundation
  • Autzen Foundation

Annual Report and Financials


Operation Schoolbell Fundraiser 2024

2023-24 Board of Directors


Toni Phipps




Lois Hanson


Jeanette Ewald

   Assistant Treasurer

Kathy Ellis-Kelemen

   Finance Chair

Toni Phipps

   Resource Development Chair

Kathy Moran

   Strategic Planning Chair

Vickie Hilgemann

   Marketing/Publicity Chair

Chris Rhines

   Membership Chair

Mary Ann Goff

   Technology Chair

Jane Berry-Eddings


Laurel Langenwalter

   Daue Chair

Marie Melin

   Operation School Bell® Chair

Charlotte Rieder-Bolton

   Encore Chair

Susan Myers

Assistance League of Salem-Keizer 2023-2024 Advisory Council

Keith Bauer, Attorney

Jaqueline Benavides, Education

Ben Search, Insurance

Chris Veit, Architect Consultant

Benny Won, Banking/Investment Consultant

Diana Enright, Policy Analyst