We provide new clothing and literacy supplies to children in need in 25 schools in Vancouver, Evergreen, Washougal and Woodland school districts. Member volunteers purchase requested items and deliver them to schools. During the pandemic, we have expanded our program to provide headsets, earbuds and styluses to children learning remotely, and family-friendly grocery gift cards to families facing food insecurity.

In partnership with the Department of Children, Youth and Families, our JUST because… program provides two sets of new clothing to young people aged 10-18 when they enter foster care and a back-to school shopping trip in partnership with Fred Meyer.


“Thank you! I usually feel so outdated with the other kids, but now I can fit in.”

“A few weeks ago a student came to school wearing a pair of slippers. I asked him where his shoes were and he said he didn’t have any. I was able to give him a new pair of shoes and socks and told him he could keep them. His face lit up with the biggest smile…He was so excited he danced down the hall. I love giving kids a new pair of shoes they always have a little extra bounce in their step. Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication in making this program a success.”