Assistance League ACTION! Week Will Be Here Soon

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
now lay empty, flung over a chair.
The decorations are gone, the presents forsaken,
the tree and garland, all down, have been taken,
Up to the attic, put away for the year.
Say goodbye to the season of cheer.
But look, over yonder, curled up in the chair,
See in the corner, a child is there!
Immersed in a story of wonder, delight,
wrapped in a blanket, lost to the night.
Mystery, suspense, fantasy, art,
What can it be that captures the heart?
Oh, to see a dream come true,
A book for every child to view.
Travel, history, planets, more
To learn and dream and wish, explore.
My tears fall softly like the mist,
Now that completes my Christmas list.

Assistance League ACTION! Week will be here soon. Chapters are making plans to participate in this nationwide effort to raise awareness of the importance of promoting childhood literacy and putting books in the hands of children who might not have access to them. How will your chapter participate?

Consider the following facts:

In low income communities, books and educational resources are scarce. Kids start school behind their more affluent peers and never catch up.
 A record number of kids are growing up in need.
 •More than half of U.S. public school students live in low income households.
Public education and programs are deeply underfunded.
•23 states are spending less on education than before the 2008 recession.
Without adequate resources, children cannot learn.
•79% of fourth graders from low income households do not read proficiently.
The impact of this cycle is staggering.
•Poor educational outcomes are tied to future poverty, unemployment, illness, and crime.

Help us honor the birthdate of our founder, Anne Banning, and join in Assistance League ACTION! Week, February 25 – March 3, 2019.

Sources: National Center for Education Statistics, Center on Budget & Policy Priorities, Annie E. Casey Kids Count, World Literacy Foundation