Back to School Shopping

August always brings to mind the fun and the stress of the back to school season.  Whether it is memories of when we were younger and getting to shop for a new backpack or when our children were younger and having to brave the crowds to shop for school supplies.  Whatever comes to mind, there can be no doubt that Back to School Shopping is the resounding theme for the month of August.

However, what if this August we changed the focus from buying new items to buying “new to you” items at one of our thrift shops?  With over 80 thrift shops across the country just imagine the treasures you could find.  Friday, August 17th is National Thrift Shop Day―how many of our thrift shops do you think you can visit before then?

Need a new wardrobe for the new school year? The items at our thrift shops in Newport Mesa, Riverside and Long Beach will surely fit perfectly.

Perhaps it is time for new shoes?  Our thrift shop in San Luis Obispo has sandals, boots, heels and more.

Is your child moving to college and maybe needs a couch or big comfy chair for late night study sessions?  Check out the great selections at our thrift shops in Austin and the Triangle Area.

Or maybe you know someone looking for the perfect dress for her big day?  Our thrift shop in Greater Placer has a great selection of wedding dresses sure to make someone a stunning bride.

Whatever your need may be, one of our 80+ thrift shops will surely have exactly what you are looking for and at a fraction of retail prices.