San Jose – Getting Creative During COVID

Searching for creative ways to continue delivering their services to the community is what Assistance League San Jose has been doing since the “lockdown” was imposed due to the Coronavirus last March.

Almost immediately the San Jose chapter started rethinking their philanthropic programs.  Which  programs could remain the same and which needed to be adjusted, modified or expanded?

Members continued knitting/crocheting layettes for the local community hospital and held onto them during the lockdown.  Once the lockdown was lifted at the hospital, the program chair of the Caring Hands program delivered 744 layettes to the hospital’s newborn department!

Over 200 face masks made by members were delivered to two shelters and nearly 70 beautifully crafted quilts were also delivered to the same shelters.  Children’s books and children’s clothing were included in these donations.

Members are baking cookies every two weeks which are delivered to one of the shelters for the children’s daily snacks.  Dinners are planned, cooked, and delivered for the residents of the shelter once a month.  Recently a Petting Zoo enrichment program via Zoom was viewed at the shelter by the families.  Assistance League of San Jose will continue to fund these Zoom enrichment programs throughout the lockdown.

Cuddly teddy bears are delivered under the Hug-a-Bear program to various crisis centers for children in traumatic situations.  These are especially needed during this pandemic time.

Shampoos, toothpaste and toothbrushes as well as other hygiene items are being collected for distribution to homeless persons.

Bags filled with high interests children’s books, pencils, crayons, paper, and crafts are being arranged for distribution to elementary age school children.  The bags will also contain special letters written by the Assisance League of San Jose members that will convey the love of reading and a very special message that will say they haven’t been forgotten.  A committee is creating enrichment activities for the donated books that will have the children actively completing tasks that expand the message of the books read.

Communications with the school districts and the various agencies that the chapter provides services for are continuing via email, telephone calls or in person visits.  Communication is also held open with the chapter  membership via Zoom meetings, individual phone calls and small committee gatherings.

Assistance League of San Jose members remain active in the pursue of other programs that they can perform to support and aid those who are most in need especially during this difficult time.