Charlotte – A Proud Partnership with Habitat for Humanity

As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child. In the nonprofit world, it takes partnerships to make a difference in the lives of children and their families. Judith Sanford, our VP of Philanthropic Programs wants us to share her pride in our contribution to Habitat for Humanity’s new neighborhood, Red Vest Way. This development has been Habitat’s most ambitious yet, requiring the building of not just family homes, but the installation of underlying infrastructure in what was an empty field. Now there stands a neighborhood of new, AFFORDABLE, family homes, lined with sidewalks, where families can thrive in the security of having a place to call home and the security of having an asset that can grow and offer ongoing support in the future.

What part did Assistance League of Charlotte play in this achievement? In the belief that home-cooked meals are less expensive and more nutritious, we developed our newest program, Heart of the Home, to stock the kitchens of 19 families with children who moved into their new Habitat homes. Small appliances, cookware, dinnerware and essential kitchen tools and supplies were purchased by volunteers and delivered to the new homeowners. Evaluations received from the recipients were very favorable and encouraged us to continue this program annually.

Congratulations to Operation Check Hunger and Heart of the Home for taking the initiative to create a new program and see it through the process of trial and error to successful completion. It’s what Assistance League of Charlotte does best!

And congratulations to Habitat for Humanity for the incredible work they do on such a large scale to address the need for affordable housing in Charlotte and beyond.