Northern Virginia – Grocery Gift Card Distribution Provides Assistance During Covid-19 Crisis — Helps Meet Food Needs

Assistance League of Northern Virginia reports that its Weekend Food for Kids program, which was modified because of COVID-19, is still helping food-insecure elementary school children and their families this summer. Since mid-March, when schools were abruptly closed across Virginia, the organization has been distributing grocery store gift cards to four of the six schools who usually receive the bags of weekend food. School staff and principals have worked hard to get them in the hands of the families who are struggling. As of this week, Assistance League has provided 1831 gift cards valued at $20 each (totaling $36,620) to help families in Fairfax and Prince William Counties and the City of Alexandria. The pictures show some of the happy recipients!

Assistance League is extremely grateful for the individuals, organizations, and businesses who have generously provided funding, their time, and other types of support to enable this.

Assistance League of Northern Virginia is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization. Its members are still caring and always helping.