Northern Virginia – Prepares 1660 April Food Bags

Assistance League of Northern Virginia held another successful food packing recently and assembled 1660 bags that contained an assortment of nonperishable food to sustain elementary school students over the weekend when school-supplied meals are not available.  We first launched a food program in 2010 and since then we’ve named the program Weekend Food for Kids and expanded the program by packing more bags and delivering them to more schools.  The program’s expansion was helped significantly during the 2013-14 school year when Dominion Energy-Virginia invited Assistance League to hold the events at its facility and also provided drivers and trucks to deliver the food bags.

This month’s packing went smoothly, as it always does, because of the well-organized system developed by the coordinators for this program, and we finished in about 75 minutes.  Employees of Dominion Energy not only helped with the packing but also delivered the bags to 6 elementary schools in Fairfax and Prince William counties immediately afterwards.  In addition to the food bags, we delivered 70 grocery gift cards to a school whose families are still struggling with the impact of the pandemic.  Since resuming our Weekend Food for Kids program in February, we have provided that school with 70 gift cards each month.

We were honored that TV Station ABC/WJLA featured a report on our program on its evening news segment [ALNV_Dominion-WFFK ]. We are pleased that WJLA highlighted the great work that Assistance League and Dominion do each month for food-insecure students throughout our community.