Diablo Valley – Celebrates Legacies of Volunteerism and Literacy

Celebrate the Legacies of Volunteerism and Literacy.

Many members of Assistance League of Diablo Valley are grandparents, so when one shared the following concern, a marvelous event emerged: Books for children cover almost every topic imaginable, so why isn’t there one about youngsters volunteering?

Fellow children’s literature enthusiasts collectively created a story, actually a poem, sprinkled with alliteration and an intuitive rhyme scheme that would prove timeless and universal. Enhanced by award winning painter Stephen Osborn’s colorful illustrations, the inspiration reflects creativity and relevance. Where’s Your Grandma Today? relates how volunteers show their grandchildren how to give back to the community. An excerpt follows:

And then it’s Eden’s Grandma’s turn, she has lots and lots to say.
She works hard in a thrift shop, open every day.
The shop sells clothes and toys and books and dinner plates and candles.

There are even balls and baseball mitts and sports bags with long handles.
The money from the thrift shop buys kids new clothes and shoes.
We fill big boxes full of food for hungry people, too.

Grandparents the world over teach youngsters by example. That is their legacy. Imagine the impact when the concept of Volunteerism is coupled with another legacy, the Legacy of Literacy! Opportunities abound.