Diablo Valley – Encourages Reading at Home

Member volunteers and students alike, “…Love to R.E.A.D!”

In 2003, Assistance League of Diablo Valley launched the R.E.A.D. (Read, Enrich, Achieve, Discover) philanthropic program. After reading two books per visit during the months of October through May, member volunteers left the books in the classroom as donations, for a total of 14 new titles per classroom, each year.

The recent Shelter-in-Place mandate in response to the COVID-19 pandemic reminds families that “I Love to Read!” is not limited to the classroom. Furthermore, people of all ages are invited not only to declare their love of reading, but to put these words into action. Suggestions for embracing the joy of at-home-reading are pain free, flexible and family-friendly.

Children seeing parents and/or guardians reading at home are likely to follow suit. Designating a time of the day when you and your family members can gather for a quiet read session increases its longevity. Concluding the read session with each family member contributing one sentence as to insights/enjoyment gained brings the reading experience to life. Encouraging children to draw/paint a visual that captures the spirit of their reading material enhances the overall experience. Providing books as gifts and rewards reinforces “I Love to Read!” Happy Reading.